Love Is Ouch – 2NE1

It’s August 2nd, 2015 and I am still alive, pretty much alive and reading the lovely ladies posts that I am following. I just get lazy to update this blog and I do not have anything interesting or major to blog about. I just realized that in a few weeks time it’ll be a year i am married to the amazing yet annoying man of my life, I pray that we will be able to last here in Dunya and meet again in Jannah since life ain’t permanent. I still wanna meet him there and stay together forever, may this Do’a of mine come true.

I am kinda emotional now as I am alone at home while the husband is working day shift. He will only be back later at 8pm with dinner! I hope that I get to eat his uncle’s famous Sup Tulang tonight. Orang sudah sebut, saya mahu!

I have been keeping a lot of secrets ever since i got married as i am afraid that i may unconsciously bring out my husband’s or my aib, it is vital for us to keep it within ourselves (have always kept this in mind). I shall spill one secret out today as it’s confirmed and everything is pretty much settled.

Our one year anniversary is in a few weeks time and we have been busy with work and life together but we had things planned out and running for the past few months, does anyone remember the Tigerair promotion early this year? We actually booked two tickets to the place I’ve been wanting to go (which i will only reveal on the day i’m there, in ig at least). Nazz macam taik, i know. I just don’t like spilling the whole can of beans. I am a Scorpio (not that i read and believe it, it’s just that i know most of the Scorpios are like that) after all and i keep a lot a lot of secrets.

We will be celebrating the anniversary 2 weeks earlier and we will be flying off on the third week of August as my sister will be getting married on the week of my wedding anniversary. Insya Allah. Like i said, there ain’t much happening.

I see a lot of my friends flying off this week which excites me actually. I pray that they will have safe journey to and fro and a fun trip at the foreign country and always be protected.

Before i end this not so exciting post, i would like to check if anyone of you actually have seen or own this product. I would like to purchase it but i can only purchase it via their official website and i am way too lazy to wait for the item to reach me. Do let me know if you girls see one selling here in Singapore. I would appreciate it so much!


travelrest pillow

Have a great week ahead! May Allah bless all those still breathing here on Earth and forgive those who has returned to him. Not too sure if it’s too late but Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin.


4 thoughts on “Love Is Ouch – 2NE1

  1. Hey, I feel you too babe.. I’ve been feeling slightly depressed over things but can’t blog it. Have fun travelling, I envy you! I pon nak get out of SG 😦 And happy 1 year anni to you! Have a blissful marriage ahead 🙂 Take care.

    1. Hey babe.. I can’t blog about it too. Bahh.. but it’s ok. I always believe that everything happens for a reason and always have to think positive walaupun susah with the setanz going around. Cheer up ok huns? No need envy me laa.. I’m sure you will travel out soon! 🙂 thank you for the doa! You take care too! ❤

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