That Three Days of Photo Shoot

Good morning to all my lovely readers! It’s been awhile (this is not a new sentence in this blog)

We had a long day yesterday as we ran a few errands which included collecting of our post wedding photo shoot albums by Esa Wedding Gallery. I am not gonna be long winded in this post as i have a few stuffs to settle today. Oh! before i forget to mention let’s welcome my baby sister to the ups and downs during the preparation in becoming a bride as flawless as possible! Her wedding date will be 1 day before my 1 year wedding anniversary. =.= Kirekan nak sehati sejiwa tapi tak menjadi gitu uh. chey… tak laa.. bedek je.

Back to Esa Wedding thingy, we reached Singapore Expo around 5.20pm if i remembered correctly and we went straight to their booth to collect the items. We received two big, super heavy like dumbells albums, 3 table top frames, 2 cds (which contains of all the pictures), 1 vip card and a packet of all the sample photos in 4r. Before this we actually collected our big frame which was 2 months ago. We had a total of 5 outfits which i will be showing you girls later! I am excited cos all of the photos are super pretty and i am not exaggerating!

I won’t be blogging after this till September 2015 as some things are coming up and no it’s not about the house yet. They are building up our unit though! Went there for another sneak peek! Can’t wait to move in!


This was our first shoot which was taken at Desaru, i was so thankful that i hated heels and took the flats with me instead. It was easier to walk on those rocks with them flats on! I wonder how do some brides manage to walk on those with heels on, even if they took it out, damn it must be a painful one.


The second outfit on the very same day, i LOVE this dress so much! It lightens my mood up every time i walk in it! This is somewhere near Desaru area just that it’s secluded i think? Can you spot the cow? :p


The next day, we were given the opportunity to bring our own clothing to match the theme we wanted. I got the husband to decide what theme he wanted and he chose this! So kampung kan!!! The clogs i “curik” for awhile from Esa. Heh! Surprisingly, it fitted me well. One of our indoor shoot but this was taken outside laa, i actually posted a sneak peek on my ig months back when Esa posted it on Facebook.


Second indoor shoot, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Outfit requested and chosen by my mother! She wanted us or rather me to wear it as i do have indian blood running in my body. =.= I laughed and laughed so much during this shoot as i felt ticklish with the outfit itself and the bulu bulu at the side there.


Last but not least, another favorite! This shoot was supposed to take place on the day we had our 2 indoor shoot but it wasn’t meant to be. While we were touching up on our make up, we heard thunder and heavy rain started to pour. We had lunch in the stop and waited to see if the rain is gonna subside anytime soon so that we can continue with the shoot. It didn’t seemed like it was gonna stop in an hour or so, so we had to postpone the shoot to another day instead. We had this done a month after our wedding as that was the earliest for both parties. This was taken at Iskandar Ria, i love the architectural of this place! Such beauty! Every of our photo looked so good! I love the dress so much and it was chosen by one of their staff by recommendation. I saw few other brides wearing this too! Ni yang poofy dress! Dalam ada the besi thingy eh? Airy gila k! Most comfortable dress ever!! Except for the top uh, cos it’s corset. Heh!

Another photo shoot you say? Nopes. Not ever. We had so much fun but it was tiring at the same time.

I would definitely recommend Esa Wedding Gallery to all bride and groom! Have fun! 😀


14 thoughts on “That Three Days of Photo Shoot

    1. Hee… thank you dear. Yes baju lawa, make up lawa, the place lawa, photographer is skilled plus photoshop and this is it. Hehe… I would say that worth the every penny that I forked out for this.

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