So long and goodbye

Been awhile since i logged in here and i almost forgot that i have a blog to rant things out. Apparently i haven’t had anything random to rant on which is why it is in this state now. It’s good to be back for now as i have been too busy at work plus i am down with a cough virus which have been lingering around in my body for almost a month now. Alhamdulillah for the antibiotics, i think it’s working well.

Ever since the wedding prep, i didn’t have anything major to save on until one of our future neighbours posted a new update on our BTO project page which says “The construction staff told me by June 2015 most of the blocks can lego finish. exclude paintings, wirings, piping. Key collections Jan 2016?” When i saw the news i immediately screenshot that post and sent it to the husband and i told him that we need to collect them money. Hahaha… I told mom about the news and she said that it’s building up fast and gave me encouragements for me save up them money. We have been browsing around some renovations contractors on facebook few months back and thanks to their updates we finally have an idea on what will our house theme would be. Thank you technology. 

It got too interesting for us that the husband rode down to our future home to see the real deal. We got there and it was almost done, 4 more floors to our unit. Our unit is the last floor so we had a rough estimation of the month that it would be done.

I got stressed for a moment as i didn’t wanna take any loans for the renovations. We wanna be loan free as we are for the wedding stuffs! Le hubs told me not to get stressed out as we have tons of time to save plus we are not in a hurry to move in. We still have his parents place to stay in like we have for these past 4 months!

Sidetrack sikit eh, 4 months plus eh! Cepat gila!

After that screenshot, i got eager and logged in facebook again to see if there is any more updates about my block (i do not stay logged in for facebook plus i rarely use it, i find it a mess nowadays plus they no longer have sensitivity which made me hate it more) and guess what! Another big news updated!

The contractors have started a trial paint on our block itself! I thought trial paint will start only when the block is done lego-ing! But no, it has started and they have painted white as the base color! I cannot wait to see the final result!! Super excited gila!


1546054_10153455721040130_3343912714895837786_nthat’s my block right there.

So yup, that’s about it! My shoe box unit. Goodbye.


credits for the photos goes to my future neighbours! 


6 thoughts on “So long and goodbye

      1. Yea man.. I think so. During my project launched it was scattered. Hah.. not sure lei. I heard that mature estates projects are usually faster but it depends on contractors and the number of buildings. My cousin project which us at tampines was quite fast. Faster than her pcd.

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