Part Two

How have your Monday been so far dear readers? I would like to apologize that i am no longer active in blogging as there isn’t much wedding related stuffs to share about as i am now married to the man of my dreams. I would be happy to share my opinions as and when i get the chance to read your blogs and share my thoughts or possibilities too!

Anyways, i totally forgot that i have the last post wedding photo shoot with Esa Wedding last Sunday. I thought we were done with it till my mother-in-law asked me how we were gonna get our asses there in the morning. That happened last Tuesday or Wednesday if i’m not wrong. Called Esa Wedding and asked them what time is the earliest that we can come for photo shoot and the lady told me that she will check with Sally (my make up artist) and call me back once she has further information. The only reason that i wanted it to be early was that we wouldn’t be too tired to get our asses out of bed for work the next day (which is today).

The lady returned my call an hour later and she told me that the earliest time that we could come was at 8.30am (at that point of time I was only prepared for a 9.30am or 10am appointment as their first appointment is at 11am) I went silent when she said it was at 8.30am though. I told her that I needed to check with my husband before confirming and she told me that it was best that I confirm so that she could make the necessary arrangements, she also highlighted to me that it has been raining from 1pm to 5pm or so for the past few weeks. Once I was off the phone, I immediately text the husband and told him what I was told and he said we should go for it. We shall get it done once and for all. Feeling-feeling kahwin also da gone k. Hahaha!

Since the timing was confirmed, I informed my mother-in-law about it. We slept our Saturday night if I recalled correctly. I can’t keep track of the days whenever I am with him. It is always occupied with something. Plus we no longer see the need to come home late now. (if you know what I mean :p) woke up at 6.30am on Sunday morning and get ourselves dressed. Ayah drove us down to JB and got roti canai for breakfast at B.Point. Drove down to Esa Wedding and we saw our make up artist (Sally) and photographer (Dave) who reached earlier than us by a minute! Haha!

They greeted us with a big wide smile and a happy good morning. We bid good bye to Ayah and he drove off. We went in the shop and got ourselves comfortable in the make up room since we kinda had the “whole” shop to ourselves. Sally started with me first and husband was busy minding his own business. The make up process took almost 2 hours if I’m not wrong. Once I was ready, we made payment for the ampoules and bid goodbye to Sally and the rest. The reason as to why Sally isn’t following is that she has another customer that she has to beautify and had another lady arranged for me since mine was a last minute appointment due to the rain and we wanted Dave to be our photographer. I wanted Sally to my make up artist too but she was already booked and yesterday was the earliest that the both of them could slot us in. So we were going to the place with Dave and another lady to assist Dave and us.

Headed off to the place and I was awed by the place. There was a lot of pros when we came for a super early appointment. The weather was good, in a way it was cooling with the sun playing hide and seek with us. It was windy like a cool breeze. There weren’t much humans and it’s like as though we owned the place. Started with the shoot and I can tell you we were energetic as compared to the last two day shoot at Desaru and indoor shoot. We were so lethargic back then. If only we knew, we would have taken a month later for the shoot! HAHA! Sudah! Kalau sudah sampai sebulan, puas hati tak payah aje. Sape mau gi layan bro?

We were busy posing when we saw two cars parked behind ours. There were two more couples who will be “joining” us! Both couples weren’t related one was a malay couple and the other a Chinese one from different outdoor photography company! I think I had the best wedding dress on! Since there were tourist and she happily took photo of me and hubby! =.= chey step mana nye popular je aku.

We went to two other places, one was near that area and the other one was slightly further up I think? That place was so quiet and it was such a nice place to relax at! I think it was the best photo shoot ever laa, with such great weather and company! I really felt like taking a lot of “candid” poses photos as I felt so playful! I went out of character a few times and my husband never fail to tease me when I had to see him while posing.

Ok pose pose bla bla.. Dave drove us back to Esa wedding to get a change of clothes. We went back and there were 3 other customers being attended to different consultants. We came back with a smile as I was busy asking for Subway from Dave and Elena if that was her name. So they were teasing me with Subway all the way back. I walked straight to the make up feeling excited and hoping to meet Sally and to share with her how much fun I had there. Went in and YAY! She was there dolling up the other bride. Apparently my husband sort of knew the groom, they were school mates. As they were busy talking me and Sally talked. Sally looked super busy man like running here and there, trying to get things done.

Like I said, I was being playful so I couldn’t stop taking selfies of myself, me and hubs, me and sally and not forgetting the group selfie of the people who made it happen! We made an appointment two weeks later to select pictures!! Get ready eh wallet!

We will be heading down to Esa on the 26th this month! Can’t wait to meet the team and choose our frames and photos!! I know it’s gonna look so awesome! Mau letak gopro kat atas table and time lapse to see see our expressions!

Till the next update! Next update with the post wed photos!!! Actually I do not look forward to the actual wedding day photos! =.=


6 thoughts on “Part Two

    1. Haha. Yea.. But home also no updates uh. Maybe end of next year will then I have some updates. Lol.. Maybe i can share what I did during my wedding preps since I don’t share much. 🙂

    1. Weeee~ They’re awesome kan!! I love to see Sally teasing Dave. I saw some of your photos on their page too! hehe~ Oh yes! thanks to you i told my hubs to prepare ourselves with cash as we may want to top up. Super excited please!!

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