Blog is left to rot as I don’t have any updates in particular to update. There’s nothing much that happened lately. Nothing much publicly, others are too personal for me to blog about. Nak kene jaga aib and maruah suami and also mine. Heh~

Been busy shopping and pampering ourselves with extreme good food. One of the latest update will be from DiziqVidz Motion Pictures, abg imran told us that our photos are ready for collection but he needs a week for the dvds to be ready. I havta check with le hubs if we wanna collect the album first or wait for everything to be done. It depends on how excited we are. =.=

We will be meeting Esa Wedding Gallery this Sunday for our final photoshoot in JB. Hopefully that it doesn’t rain heavily as it did last month.

Anyways we had a proper date out yesterday and little did we realized that we have been married for a month! Itu pun kat atas motor and we wished a happy one month at the same time. Haha!

It was our virgin trip to seoul garden and I can foresee us making our trip there again soon!

Insya Allah if Allah permits we will making a trip elsewhere for another break from reality. Tengok ler macam mana. Macam2 tempat nak go. Heh~

On the side note, I get excited whenever we walk in Harvey Norman at the home appliances section. “feeling-feeling da ade rumah sendiri”

Cepat laa next year!!!


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