If anyone could remember I actually promised that I will share with you which hotel my husband booked for our first staycay together. Please take note that it’s a messy room as I was too excited when I saw the room that I forgot to take pictures before I messed it up.

It was a Monday afternoon on 8th September 2014, as both of us were worn out after our two days wedding event we woke up late that Monday. I almost told my husband that I wanted to just stay home and not go to the hotel. Yes, I was that tired and I knew that he was too.

We had to return our bridal outfits and wedding trays either by Monday or latest Tuesday. As were in the midst of planning his father offered us to use his car to return the items and we said that we will be back at night to return the car and come back to the hotel by bike (which didn’t happened, we went back the next morning. HAHA!)

We went out around 2pm if I recalled correctly and that was the check in time for the hotel. Since we are in Singapore, we don’t really mind what time we checked in. Drove down to Yew Tee and returned the items. The Mak Andam told me to accept her “friend request” on fb so that she could tag me. Dalam hatiku, buat apa? Tak kesah laa tag ke tak, da laa kasik service like shit. Ade hati nak sebok-sebok. I actually deleted her off on Sunday night. The only reason as to why I added her was so that I can track how frequent she updates and that she doesn’t suddenly disappear. If any of you were to see the video she posted about feedbacks please note that I was forced into it. Everything I said was what she wanted me to say just cos it was done on a Saturday and I didn’t want any pressure or stress on Sunday. Ye laa, you never know what she is gonna do on Sunday if I were to say shit right? Actually after I saw that she posted that video I felt like I have degraded myself which was comparable to human feces. Bahhh~

Went for late lunch at Lot 1 and proceeded down to the hotel. I almost fell asleep in the car. =.= But I felt bad so I talked to le hubs.

We were from Choa Chu Kang and we were heading down to Joo Chiat Area. Yes that far, we at least to me. Dengan perut kenyang, air con kat muka dengan shades ku. Tak ke nantok?

We were heading down to 305 Joo Chiat Road and the boutique hotel name is Venue Hotel. We took the Premier Room as we wanted to know how it feels like having a tub in the room itself! HAHAHA!

We reached around 4pm plus if I’m not wrong and since I am too lazy to type any further details, I shall feed you with my super unskillful and unedited photos! Heh~ I lazy laa nowadays cos got husband and I spend more time with him.

unnamed (10) The Entrance!
I wanted to take picture of the front desk but again too amazed. =.=

unnamed (9)

Room card!

unnamed (8)



The tub and part of the toilet..

unnamed (1)

Me in the tub!! hehehe! The tub is quite big! Or maybe i am too skinny!

unnamed (11)

Again but from another angle!

unnamed (2)Before check out, messy bed. Sorry housecleaning department.

unnamed (6)

The alley to our room! Sorry senget!
But i love the concept of the hotel and all uh!


6 thoughts on “Staycay

      1. tak abit weird ke the tub in the open? hehehe..i was contemplating the other outlet…venue the lily..just further down abit…ohhhhhhh llyod’s inn looks good!

      2. Hehehe. Tak… Cos ade tv. Quite relaxing. Hee.. Venue the lily is new and it’s nearer to joo chiat area. The one I went it’s further in. Hee.. Super good man llyod’s Inn. Havta stay in one day. It’s just the room I wanted is always fully booked on the day I want. Mehh ~

    1. Yea man. Me too. I got so pissed and certain things she said is ridiculous! Only on Sunday je I start to tunjuk perangai. =.= the way she is doing business is so wrong.

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