Over and done with.

It’s been two weeks since the day and it has been a wonderful week with him by my side. My husband and I had the intention of making a thank you video for our families, friends, guests and all the vendors for making our day a special one but we were tight on schedule and we forgot about it. We will be waiting for our wedding video for that speech i guess? I will be extending my thanks here and also personally for without them, the wedding can never take place as perfectly as it was. I thank Allah for making it easy for us and family.

I would like to thank my mum for always being that for me, giving me the assurance that everything will be alright and giving me the strength that i needed. Thank you for always being there emotionally and physically. Thank you for giving us the advices and tips on maintaining a healthy marriage lifestyle for we know what you have gone through and that i know mum is usually always right. Thank you also for easing my stress whenever i start thinking the unnecessary stuffs. I love you so much ibu and i forever will. A big thank you to my lovely sisters for assisting me with the preparation for the door gifts, the painful months of cutting and pasting and tying. Thank you for giving the moral support and always pampering me (although i am the oldest amongst them. 😛 but too bad, i paleng termanja at home) thank you for asking me if i am feeling alright and making things work easier for me.

Another thanks to my lovely husband (who was my fiance at that point of time) for giving me the emotional support that i needed most and giving me the assurance that everything will go fine and always reminding me to tawakal. Thank you for being a great fiance and now an awesome husband to me. I will never forget what you have done for me. You are the best and i am one lucky lady to be married to an awesome man like you!

Seriously banyak thank you but really uh without these people, i don’t think it will be easy for me. A week before the wedding was a mess! I had major breakdowns trying to liaise with vendors and some were literally like shit that i was at the verge of spitting at their faces. I was frustrated at how shitty their service were. Alhamdulillah that it went smooth after this dragon started the breathing fire to their brains. erghhh~

To my lovely vendors, especially the decor from Daundco, entertainment from Sri Mahligai and the best people on earth our photography and videography team from Diziq Vidz Motion Pictures! YOU GUYS ROCK AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING AN AWESOME ONE FOR US. Thank you for making us comfortable and thank you for always reminding us to smile. =.= We always forget to smile. HAHA!

I have been too busy and lazy to blog as i now have an awesome husband to layan this super perangai cepat merajuk girl. Wait, tomorrow is Monday?? I WILL BE SEEING TUAS BACK AGAIN!!! Kinda miss work though. Miss my crazy crazy girls!

Meanwhile you can enjoy the unofficial photos which were all taken by my cousin! Take care BTBs and congrats to those who got hitched few weekends ago!

decor decor
decor2 decor3

wedding cakele wedding cake!


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