Thursday night was henna night as per recommended by Ameerah herself as she said it will be very dark on Saturday itself. Made an appointment and booked her two weeks before the wedding.

Initially i didn’t wanna put any henna on as i didn’t wanna be paralysed and not being able to do anything by myself but my mother-in-law and her sister (mak busu) kinda like psycho-ed me that made me think otherwise and i started looking for a henna artist. I started looking for one that night itself. As i was busy scrolling via the #bridalhenna on ig @hennabyameerahs caught my eye. Her designs were so simple and too pretty to not even consider. I whatsapped her at 2.30am (cos i couldn’t sleep due to redbull) and i was shocked to receive a reply. HAHA! She was such a lovely girl to liaise with! Asked her about deposit and she told me to make full payment on the day itself. So yeap! Henna booked the next day cos i fell asleep!

FYI, i am very particular when it comes to customer service! If you do not reply nicely and show how uninterested you are, i will never bother to engage you no matter how popular you are. Yup, i am that type of customer.

She came but i was busy with some issue at the void deck and she saw a super super pissed in the ass bride. =.= greeted her and my girls started with the henna first. Told them that i could be here and sleep late as this was my house and that i had nothing on the next day. Unlike them, they had work.

Proceeded and she started with me at around 11pm i think? or was it 10pm? Can’t remember already. But i knew that i was dead sleepy by that time as my sleeping time is 10.30pm. Had it on and bid goodbye to her before i landed myself on the sofa for sleep. Super uncomfortable sleep laa hor. =.=

I took it off 10 hours later since i had to use the washroom. Bo pian. Early morning must visit de.

I shall show you the pictures laa hor? You can’t possibly visualize it even if i explained how dark it looks like! HAH!

These two photos were taken 10 hours after removal (Friday). 


henna1 The photo below was taken on Sunday.
Natural lighting as i was in le 4×4!



4 thoughts on “hennabyameerahs

    1. Awesome!!! I think a few btbs booked her too! If you have ideas you can let her know. She can improvise it for you! Hee.. And yes super nice and soft spoken. 🙂

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