Another wordy post without a single photo plus the usual tak kuasa nak check post. Thank you for taking time to read! 😀

Lesson learnt: I should have taken a Thursday leave instead of Wednesday. So that satu hari je for keje the next day and it’s weekends. Since I took a Wednesday leave I still have Friday to layan my work before I welcome my busy weekends. Me and fiancé covered 3 vendors yesterday. We met the bridal for our final fitting, met our photobooth vendor to finalize our backdrops and gubahan trays and finally met up with our photography and videography before we end our super diduper long wet and dry day. Mehh~ it was raining in the east. =.=

My fiancé reached my place around 2.50pm if I remembered correctly while I was still having a slight problem with my lens. =.= I have got no idea how my contact lens got so dirty. I was upset when I was how dirty it was when I actually wash it once I am done using it for the day. I almost fell on my knees and was about to cry actually. Yes, very dramatic cos it’s my favorite lens from Lofalens. I need to stock ‘em up! Pronto.

We reached Yew Tee 15 minutes earlier and as we were talking under the void deck of the bridal’s place it started to drizzle. As it was windy we started to walk away and I heard someone giving the Salam, it was our mak andam. Went up and waited till she settled down with her stuffs. Went in the room and she asked if I did gained any weight which I think I did and we started with the baju nikah. It fits me perfectly! It looks ok laa, not those wow type laa.. I am afraid of those fancy type of dresses actually. Next was the songket and I wasn’t satisfied with it plus super angry with how it looked. It’s liked I am in a sack of potatoes (I’m the potato). It’s so big on the arms and she told me that songkets are supposed to be big on the arm side so that I wouldn’t look skinny, at that point of time I was thinking to myself “ke da malas nak alter?” I was too pissed to even fight back and stuffs so I decided to let it go as I knew that I will be wearing it for a mere hour so it doesn’t matter. The next dress which I fell in love at first sight looked really pretty and I look tall in it! (macam laa aku ni pendek sangat) Removed the dress and slipped on the last dress, the last dress is the English dress. Remember I told ya that it’s in cream gold color and it comes with a long train? Yea that dress which I liked at that point of time that dress which I was willing to top up cash for. Tried on the dress and it feels so heavy and I was literally dragging the dress in the room. Most of all, I LOOK FAT! =.= The materials that the dress has just didn’t work for me. The mak andam told me that she has another dress that is in gold color that she recently bought which will match my inner color better. I asked if that dress has a long train too and she told me that it doesn’t as it’s a mermaid dress. The only concern I had was if it’s gonna be too tight for me. I didn’t want anything too tight and I wasn’t sure if they will have time to alter the dress. I was contemplating if I should let go of this dress and try out the other dress. I then decide to give it a try which I secretly hoped that it would fit nicely and that I wouldn’t have to go through a rough time trying to choose either one of it. Slipped it on and guess what? IT’S MY SIZE!! Tak payah nak alter pun and it’s so pretty! Nothing to heavy and fancy plus it’s gonna be so easy to walk around in it! I may have slight trouble walking fast and spreading my legs as how I normally do. Other than that, it’s a perfect dress for me! Super pretty!

Once I was done, my fiancé was in line to get his fitting done. He looks so young laa! I envy his young looking genes! Like small boy going for hari raya gitu! :p Padahal ngah pakai baju nikah eh. Hahah! Since I was outside with the mak andam I decided to sneak in and see how he looks with it on laa. Mentelism. Sesungguhnya kenapa laa tunang ku sungguh hot gitu? Or maybe I am just obsessed with him. =.= Once he was done with the last we had our discussion and such and headed off for our late lunch.

Rode down to Pasir Ris with an extreme bloated tummy and I got so sleepy that I fell asleep on bike. (yeap, used to it) =.= Selalu kene pukul. Haha!

Appointment was supposed to be at 6pm but we reached half past six I think? We were welcomed warmly and she served air hari raya to us! I think it’s the F&N Grape but I classify all that as air hari raya as I don’t take those type of drinks on non hari raya days. Heh~ We started discussing on what backdrop we would like to choose and hashtags and all the miscellaneous stuffs and we got so distracted and talked about non wedding related to other wedding related stuffs. She’s such a nice lady to interact with and she delivers an excellent customer service! Will definitely recommend to anyone looking for guestbook services! May book  her for my lil sis upcoming wedding! Hee..

We were done an hour later I think? It seems longer than an hour actually. Headed down to Bedok Simpang and met Abang Imran from Diziq Vidz to go through our itinerary for both days and to finalize everything before the day comes. We were out of questions to ask, our minds were blanked and we were dead tired by that time. I managed to have a peek at the time and it was 9.15pm. We had a light dinner at Spize and headed home.

We were so thankful that almost everything is settled! Syukur sangat-sangat!

16 painful days to go!


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