Don’t think it’s a good date

If only it did struck me that September 6th is a start of the school holidays. If only we weren’t persistent in having that date! I am hating the fact that my wedding date is the start of a school holiday and that most aren’t in town. I bet that i have tons of leftover foods.

I am hating the fact that i am doing this type of wedding. Should have brushed it off and make a family to family wedding only.

All the best laa orang kate kan? Wedding is shit.


4 thoughts on “Don’t think it’s a good date

  1. sayang , have faith . insyallah , it won’t be as bad as you think . people would still come even though its a start of a school holiday . im sure it will turn out better .

    1. Awww.. Thank you dear. I sure hope that I am just too stressed and bring paranoid. I do hope that everything isn’t as bad as how I imagine it to be. Thank you for the kind words dear! Sorry lambat reply. Busy gila kat keje. =.=

  2. school holiday is good. alot of kids to finish up yr food! or should i say candies. hehehe. normally people will go holiday end of nov or early dec. not to worry! yr date is fine! cause i heard official sch holiday will start 2nd/3rd week of nov. like officially all school will close until 2nd Jan the next yr.

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