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We had to fetch my fiancé at 10.30am (since he resides near Woodlands Checkpoint) to get our asses off to JB for our choosing of dresses appointment with ESA Wedding. Mum woke me up at 10am and all of us got ready with a hungry tummy. =.= Bangun je lapar. Perangai eh.

I think we went out around 11.15am? Can’t recall the exact time as we in a mess getting the last minute stuffs to bring down to JB. Got ourselves some snacks just in case if we get stuck in a massive jam to JB. It was a breeze to JB on a SATURDAY!!! AMAYYYYY-ZAINN I tell ya!

Drove straight to ESA Wedding and we were 2 minutes late for our appointment? HAHA!

Alhamdulillah tak jam k, if jam mungkin lagi lambat. Without breakfast plus the bengkung that I had on my tummy i felt so uncomfortable gitu? I think I have issues with the bengkung thingy uh, it’s so tight and super uncomfortable. Me and future mother in law is planning to get a corset and I am not sure how will I survive that! =.=

The lady who served us during our first appointment last year was no longer with the company and we were served by this young lady named Caca. She’s very young and bubbly and it was a breeze choosing the dresses and I told her what I had in mind. She kept suggesting to me to try on the poofy and extremely dramatic type of dresses.

Before suggesting those dramatic dresses, I had to choose two dresses for our outdoor shoot which will be held at Desaru. She brought us in to a room where there were dresses kept in the dress bag? I have got no idea what the hell that thing is called. She brought me out and she told me to highlight to her if there was any dresses that caught my eye. I chose one which looked pretty simple for me and that was it! Nothing else on the rack got me interested. (I know I am not a fussy picker) Once suka, amek and that’s it. No fickle mindedness.

One dress down for Desaru and I need to choose another flowy type of dress and as my fiancé was browsing through the albums on their iPad, I saw one pretty super flowy dress but it wasn’t shot at Desaru and I bet that it will as lovely as the one shot at some unknown place. Tried on it and it felt so damn good! So light and flowy and so so pretty!! Super in love with that dress.. Another plus point is that I LOVE colors! So you may now imagine the flowyness and colorfulness of the dress! 😛 Another approved dress from my fiancé, mum and both sisters. Kite feeling-feeling kat “Say YES to the dress” eh! Hahaha!

Oh wait! Before I forget to mention, we have 2 outdoor shoot and 2 indoor shoot. All the best eh senyum sampai muscular pipi kite. They will be providing us 4 outfits and 4 hairstyling (tudung styling for me).

Next dress was slightly harder for me as it will be shot a place at JB area. Somewhere where most brides were taken there to get their photo shoot done there. Caca suggested that I get the poofy ones! I had a hard time trying to even like one of them k. It was so hard as I know that I wouldn’t be able to carry the look off. Put on the courage and picked one and told Caca that I don’t mind trying on a few and see how I look like. I stepped in the dress and they have this wire thing that makes the bottom of the dress bigger than it was. =.= In the changing room Caca helped me out with the dress and that was when my sufferings started. It was a corset back and Caca pulled the strings as hard as she can to tighten the back. I breathed in and tried to make as much space as possible. =.= Terrible feeling sia in the changing room. Once out to show it to my sisters and fiancé, I feeling-feeling Cinderella step sister uh. Walking so sloppily and pulling the bottom of the dress up high. Even if I diri terkangkang kan, nobody will know. =.= Sampai sempat jiggle-jiggle my peha k. I didn’t know if mum will like it so I had to wait for her to see how I look like in that dress. While waiting for her we had to choose one dress for our indoor shoot, Caca said that most couple would get one traditional outfit for the photo shoot. My fiancé decided on a songket since I am not traditional at all. =.= Me being me, I don’t really care? So long as I have fun with my partner and that is all that ever mattered.

We chose a few of the colors that Caca showed to us and I immediately fell in love with the maroon songket. Without even trying it on, I knew that I will definitely look good in it. Hahaha! But one thing about songket that I noticed is that it always comes with a sanggul yang setinggi dunia? I don’t think imma wear them.

Guess what, I never knew the existence of songket till that day when we went to the bridal place to choose our outfit and my fiancé decided to get a songket for the second day. Yup. I only knew kebaya and baju kurung and mini kurung only then. As for the past few years me and family have always designed our own baju raya. Yerpppp..

Mum came in and she saw the dress that I was in (please note that I was still suffering with that bengkung and corset) and I quickly asked her how I look. She said I looked so pretty! Wait no, she said the dress looks pretty and I look good in it. =.=

I know that the dress is pretty and the color of it is so vibrant but I didn’t have that confidence to wear it out. It’s too loud for me. I am that one simple girl who always dresses up in a basic long sleeve and jeans with my skate shoes every single day. (I work at Tuas, nobody cares what we wear. =.=) Mum said that she wanted to looks at me in a different dress to see how much of a difference in it and she chose a purple color. As we were in the midst of choosing that first dress another one of Caca’s colleague came in and took out one purple dress and I tried it on. Caca hated that dress! HAHAHA! I didn’t get that “wedding” dress feel too. It was like a normal dress. So nehhh~ we decided on the first dress that I had on. Weee~


We are down to the second last outfit, that last outfit was chosen by my mum. As I have mentioned, we were looking at the songket and I didn’t know what was in my fiancé’s mind that he decided not to wear a songket for our traditional outfit for our indoor shoot. Since this was picked by my mum and fiancé was excited with it (even when he wore it) I decided to go with the flow. I think during the photo shoot I will be laughing instead of getting the feel of it. HAHAH!

I give you all a hint eh? Sort of a hint uh! I have mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian blood. What do you guys think I will be wearing? 😀

LAST OUTFIT!!!! For the last outfit which will be taken for our indoor shoot, we get to bring our own outfits! Yay!! My fiancé decided on the theme without consulting me. Haha! I had no issues with it. I take all these as a game sia. Plus we will be husband and wife by then so we won’t be too awkward to be taking any type of photos! As this is our first photo shoot together.


Will be on leave this Wednesday as we have 3 vendors to meet!!

  • Bridal
  • Wedding tray!
  • Photography!

This is one long post man. HAVE A GREAT WEEK Y’ALL!


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