20 days to September 2014 and to our two years dating anniversary.
23 days to the long leave.
25 days to the day.

August 2014 are packed with appointments over appointments. Dinner appointments, vendor appointments, meet up sesh with le girlfriends and not forgetting the “raya” visit cum card passing sesh. Tiring August and we can’t wait for it to be done and over with.

Another busy weekend coming up this week as we will be heading down to JB again to select our post wedding photo shoot outfits! YAY! Hehehe.. Another dresses selection and multiple headaches and geramings to go. I am a little taken aback as I am not as excited as I was before (selection for our wedding date itself) when we were at the mak andam side. =.= and the fetish I used to have with wedding dresses isn’t as much as how it used to be. Maybe I am very nervous without realizing it? Is this what they call wedding jitters? (sampai da termimpi-mimpi)

Talking about dreams let me share with you one of the dreams I had with regards to the wedding prep. As I was busy asking for addresses and busy preparing it and such. I had so many names in my mind, and I wasn’t as organized as I used to have the rest of the things done before. I always have a spreadsheet for everything, different partitions for different vendors and such. Maybe I was excited to give my cards out that I totally forgot about the list I had in my excel sheet. =.= I got busy emailing, texting, whatsapping and fb messaging all of the people. Few days back I dreamt that most of the cards mailed out was “rejected”, it was returned back and some of it were snipped off and some were stapled with few other unidentified wedding cards. It was horrifying! I woke up the next day and I decided to mass text most of those whom I have sent out too. Alhamdulillah that it was just a bad dream and most have received their invitations respectively! Only one was returned back to me as I wrote the wrong block number and I wrote the return address at the back of the envelope if anything fails.

So why is it JB again? We went to JB last Sunday with his family to get my second measurements done for the clothing that will be displayed on the dulang hantaran. Yes, they have yet to get anything done on the materials given a few months back. I was worried that I may not fit in the baju as I’ve gained weight for the past few months. Upon reaching the place I was the first to get the measurements done and I gained only one inch on my bums! HEHEHE! Nothing on tummy or arms or whatever, so that is a very good thing to hear! Had it loosen an inch more at the bums area and we are good to go. His mum bought kains for the family to wear on Sunday and she told me that there were extra kains that I can make do with. She told me that I could wear it after the event and sepasang with the rest. Hehe~ Another tailored baju from my future mummy in law! I fell in love with the pastel green color of the lace. Super pretty I tell you! Got it done as a long dress instead of the usual baju kurung or mini kurung! As last weekend was spent with the in laws, we will be spending this weekend with my family!

Last fitting this coming August 20th followed by a long journey to the east to send the items for my dulang hantaran at Zudyra Creations.

And yes, we are rebelling all “pantangs” of NO meeting a month before wedding date. We don’t really care?


6 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. as much as we try to not meet, we have to meet ma rite. kene settle vendors la, last minute stuff la, run errands la. you’re gonna reach the finishing line, jia you!

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