IKEA at Alexandra

A fast update before i forget and get busy tomorrow.. I kinda miss blogging actually. Kirekan ni lepas kan rindu uh gitu..

Fiance fetched me from work, actually from Boon Lay mrt as he had a course to attend to and he ended earlier than me. He wanted to find a night curtain for our future room and he told me that he felt like going to Ikea. At that point of time it was 15 mins to 5pm and i thought that he wanted to waste time to find it first before meeting me. Neh~ i was so wrong. I forgot that he will never do that to me. He’s a very thoughtful and loving fiance. :p

So we headed off to Ikea at Alexandra and there weren’t much people! It was a breeze trying to find and get all inspired there. There was a slight change in their showroom too! It looks cleaner than it was and i kinda love it. Let’s cut to the chase.

Fiance fell in love with one of the Lilac colored curtain which i thought it looked like a Royal Purple colored night curtain. It was a nice contrast though. I picked the bed sheet design to bring life to the room! After much mixing fiance bought a quilt cover that comes with 4 pillowcases, 1 queen size quilt, 1 fitted bed sheet and some curtain stuffs. He didn’t get the curtain as that Royal Purple color curtain was out of stock. 😦 but the staff told my fiance that it will be back in stock in 1 to 2 weeks time.

nazz1 nazz2


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