Do take note that this blog post is a mix of wedding, personal and work stuffs. I will not be checking for any grammar or typo mistakes.

A month and two days to the day. What am I feeling currently? It’s a mix of happiness, nervousness, worried-ness and everything except for sadness (or maybe slightly as I will be leaving my mum and my little sisters).

A month and two days to a whole new level in life. The day when everything changes. The status, the responsibility, the sensitivity to a certain topic, the priorities and many more to come.

The month of August is gonna past really fast as we are busy meeting families and friends to pass the invitation card. My Fridays in August are fully booked, will be busy meeting my girlfriends for dinner and pass them the cards. It’s been so long since I met them!

I don’t feel much in this month of Syawal as me and family aren’t celebrating. The maternal side isn’t celebrating as our late grandma left us last May. Side note, she came to my dream again. A total of three times. Are you doing alright there nenek? This time it felt real, it’s like as though I really hugged her like how I got to hug her for the very last time. Woke up with tears rolling down my cheeks, dampening my pillow. I will always pray for you nenek and may you be placed in the highest of heavens.

Syawal is actually a month for me and fiancé as it was Syawal that brought us together. I don’t really feel it for this Syawal maybe cos me and family are busy with the wedding preps plus the no celebration of hari raya at the maternal side plus with no grandma. It’s just so different. Haizz.. I know we are here alive, we have to move on and keep on praying for the ones that has left.

“Yang hidup pasti akan pergi.”

The living must be thankful that we are here alive and given another chance to repent and mend our ways. We should make full use of it. We never know how many of those who have left are dying to come up back and seek for forgiveness.

Sorry terside track but I can’t help it. The last memory of her can’t be erased off my mind. The last ever kiss and the last ever before I saw her buried 7 feet down. Sigh..

Anyways, kak jannah is back in Singapore!! She went overseas to get them beautiful stuffs for my day! I feel so honored laa! The moment I met her I knew that I have found the wedding vendor that will make my day extremely gorgeous! I knew that she will be able to deliver the idea that I had and all the unique stuffs I have always wanted and imagined.

I have been keeping to the world as to where I am working just cos I think it is not important for other people to know. I am working at Tuas, a place where most bio-hazard and hazardous are brought here for disposal. My workplace itself is hazardous. There have been cases whereby two plants which caught fire. The whole plant blew and only ashes were left. It was that creepy. Just by looking at the photos of the burnt plant freaks me out. Our office is located near to our plant. Our lives are valuable when we are work. Our workers who are working in the plant are fragile. Anything that goes wrong we are fried beings!

It was creepy just by hearing that loud noise at the plant, the office girls ran out of office (just in case there’s fire). All of us stood outside the office premises under the hot scorching sun. Waiting and praying our hearts out. Praying that nothing serious happens, praying that nothing catches fire and we all hope that it’s just a chemical reaction.

All of us were busy trying to get hold of our bosses, some managed to get hold of our big boss (the big brother) and I managed to get the younger brother (the small boss) =.= I think I panicked? Who the hell wouldn’t?

Minutes later when the smoke subsided, we went back in the office which was contaminated with mild smoke. Sat down and drank water to calm my nerves. Although it happened an hour ago or so, I am still shaken by it.

May Allah protect us all from any mishap. May we work in peace.

Takde mood nak berbual pasal kahwin liao. Haizz.. Will blog soon.


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