July 19th, 2014

Preparing the invitation list on who to invite is no small matter. Writing on the envelopes with an extreme pretty plus clear alphabets is no small matter. Trying to be unique and different for the wedding invitations is NO SMALL MATTER. =.=

My hands are aching due to the continuous writing, I even thought of ditching the plan of writing on the envelopes and getting it typed and pasted instead but then I thought again that it will be this once that I get to experience this. Bila lagi kan nak gi tulis banyak-banyak gitu, kat keje pun asek typing je. Made up my mind and I will continue to torture myself. =.=

BIG UPDATE! (it’s big cos it’s regarding décor!) I will be meeting Kak Jannah this Saturday to make the last payment before the day and will be finalizing all the small little props and last décor design! Since I have been spamming her with tons of photos on how I want my décor to look like, it seems that we kinda have similar liking to the design and such. I was so happy when she gave me ideas on things which had never crossed my mind. I am excited just by thinking how it will look like. I know Kak Jannah will do more than what I expect cos she always does the best and she does things differently!


Might be heading down to Ikea after meeting Kak Jannah to get some stuffs which involves in wedding décor too! Can I change profession? I love pretty things and I would love to be involved in making things pretty for someone’s big day! I nak operation side, tak nak admin or customer service. HAHAH! Tapi I abit lembik. =.=

Anyways, I can’t wait! Time flies so fast that we have only 11 days left till we bid goodbye to Ramadhan. Haizz… I am sad that Ramadhan is leaving and I know that I haven’t been utilizing it properly. But at the same time I am excited cos I know that I will be getting married in a month plus a few days once Syawal comes. HAHA! Diam sudah nazz.

Till more updates…..


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