The invites.


It’s ready for collection earlier then requested and expected.

I kept reminding them (sales person and designer) that I need the cards ready by the third week of puasa. So there’s a buffer time if anything unexpected thing happens. I was so ready for another blow and everything negative feelings to throw it to them. =.= (nopes I am not a patient person)

We went down to their shop for second payment on July 6th, 2014 and the lady said that it will be ready next week if there are no delays. It was a relived but at the the same time I didn’t hoped much. Always ready for the worst. =.= I’ve learnt a lot of lessons in this annoying journey of wedding preps which I will definitely NOT miss at all.

So yesterday my fiance was at work when he texted me saying that the cards are ready for collection. I checked my email and there was nothing. Asked him if they emailed him or called him. He said they messaged us through fb. Since I am seldom on fb. I logged in and checked the conversation. We decided to head down that night itself to get it done and over with. After iftar with the fam, fiance came to fetch us after his morning shift and we had to endure the terrible jam from Singapore to jb. I think we stuck there for a good hour or so?

We had a hard time finding a parking lot as they used the lots for the bazaar. So we had to go all the way to the back of Pandan. Creepy.

Went in the shop and I sat on the floor in the middle of shop. Yes, retarded. I don’t really give a shit though. Checked the cards and headed off.

It was a better from jb to Singapore. Not much cars, and at that point of time it was around 1plus to 2am? Reached home around 3am.

Another major thing done! Yippee.. The cards look wonderful. Super happy please. 🙂



12 thoughts on “The invites.

      1. No problem. They told me that it’s best to make the order as early as possible. So that it won’t be too rushing for their side and alhamdulillah that my design was as how I expected it to be.

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