Site Visit

Alhamdulillah that everything is going as planned. Wedding favors for adults are finally done! Special thanks to my two lovely sisters and my mum for helping me out. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this by myself if they did not helped me, it’s now packed and kept in boxes and bags. Woke up for sahur and the living room was extremely tidy as compared to months ago when we started with the berkat thingy. Took two painful months to get it done since we started from scratch. Planning to head down to Ikea to get more boxes so that it won’t be too heavy and hopefully the box tak “bobos” when we carry it down to the void deck.

Current pending thing will be the kids favors, we need to roll ‘em up! Room décor to be done by us, another diy by le family. Except for the drilling part, my fiancé will be helping out for that! Hehe~

Sireh dara will be done my lovely bridesmaid, T. 😀 I can’t wait to see how wonderful it will look like! As this is the first time that she will be doing it! Exciting!

Oh yahh.. I forgot one major update!

Kak Jannah came down for a site visit! I got all excited when I saw her although it was raining. Jalan macam makcik2 gi block sebelah. Oh! mine will be at the opposite block as my block takde void deck, ade neighbor level one. Haha!

We discussed and she let me chose where I decide to put the entertainment and photo booth etc. I can’t exactly imagine how it is gonna look like but I know where it is all going to be place. Hehe~

Will be meeting her next Saturday to make the final payment and finalize all the colors, decors, items all at once till wedding date. I am not sure if it’s too early but I don’t really care cos I am too excited and I have the “mood” to do it anyways. Imma start pinning more than I possibly can. Not sure if I will have the time to print it and paste it on my book though.

Initially mother wanted a long runway for me and fiancé to walk to the dais but kak jannah said that it’s gonna consume a lot of space so neh~ Mum came down shortly and they discussed further about the idea that me and kak jannah had. She didn’t want mum to be shocked when she sees the décor on the day itself. Hee..

I have this very bad habit that ideas will pop up once me and kak jannah is done with our discussion. =.= it’s very annoying. Mase kak jannah kat sana tak nak ade these ideas all. Pfft~

Anyways I is excited for next Saturday and hopefully Adam and Hawa will call me and fiancé up to collect our wedding cards! 


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