Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu

Alhamdulillah for the rahmat that Allah has given, thank you for the heavy downpour in the morning that lasted for quite sometime. Syukran.

It’s nearly noon and i am still on bed. Wedding favors for the adults are progressing slowly and the items will be reaching to be placed inside will be sent early next week. Syukur to Allah that everything is going so smoothly. I am beyond happy that things are going as planned. The nearer it is, the wider my smile is. Although i don’t show it as i am always stressing at work that i almost punched someone’s face. =.=

So, me and lovely girls went to bazaar Geylang last night for a non proper iftar cum dress finding! Initially we wanted Royal blue for i don’t know what reason i loved it. =.= One of the reasons might be that i fell for Nushee Nurra’s ever so lovely royal blue sewn by her own team.


Look at that lovely piece. In love gitu~

Anyways, me and A had our iftar and waited for T to reach Geylang, it wasn’t a long wait and i was very proud of her. hahah! teringat zaman sekolah, i had to wait for her like forever. =.=

Walked passed a few shops with A while we were searching for food as in 5 mins time we can officially gobble up the awesome smelling foods there! Bought ourselves fried macaroni and fried bee hoon. Settled down and ate. Along came T and she snacked aje. =.= Sesungguh nya aku risau takut dia lapar.

Went to a shop that was displaying a royal blue sort of kurung pahang, it looks good as we needed to get something loose so that my two sisters can wear it (as they are donning the hijab) and yes my sisters are my two bestest bridesmaid for me to “bully” on that day. HEHEHE! At the same time, i need to get something that will look as equally awesome for my girls too. They tried on the pahang and it was either too tight or too loose as the shop no longer had size M. That was because they were clearing stocks for it and it’s considered expensive as they were selling more than 60 bucks. The lady was very pleasing to communicate with plus she was always smiling. hehehe.. sedap hati dan jiwa ku.

I asked for a lot of permissions k, “kak, boleh kite jalan-jalan dulu sementara tunggu reply dari mak saye?” “kak, boleh saye tompang duduk?” “kak, boleh saye amek gamba baju ni tunjuk mak saye?” Yes, it was till the end of the shopping journey. =.=

My girls litterally laughed out loud as i was asking for too much permissions. =.= Sejak bila tah aku so the sopan. Maybe cos i was happy that this is it! These are my girls! I love them truck loads!

We walked and saw one shop something similar but they had songkets and i wasn’t too sure if they would love it. T loved it as i did, still ain’t sure about A and my two sisters though. I’m so sure that mum is a gonna say NO to me. =.= Cos i know that cheap songkets will itch. We went through hell before plus songket is panas. We checked the price of the full suit and was surprised by the price quoted. We were expecting it to cost as much as it looks but it didn’t, in fact it was within the budget and we smiled really widely! HAHA! I love the customer service provided by them. Such lovely people Masya Allah.

So my girls tried on it and my kid sized T took the smallest size that still looks loose for her. A tried on an S size and looked so perfect for her! She was beaming from ear to ear. So cute! As i’ve mentioned, we wanted a Royal Blue right? At the very last minute, i decided a change of color, asked the girls if that was ok? T said that, it’s my day and that i make the final decision. I had to reassure that A was ok with it as she’s slightly fussy but she smiled and gave me an ok. Weee~ overjoyed!

Since there were so many songkets, my two girls chose the light grey ones (as i was busy on the phone coordinating with my sister and the next minute with my mum and the other minute with my second sis) decided on the light purple for my sisters as i knew my lil sis loves purple. I have such lovely people by my side and i am so thankful for it. Thank you for making it easy for me girls. I owe you bunch!

20140705_000425(0)-1_1These are my sisters color combination. 🙂

We placed half deposit while they collected the stocks at their shop and we had about 45 minutes to kill. A went over to meet her family to get her son stuff settled while T and i went on a search for her lil princess baju raya. Walked and talked and landed in the first shop and it was amazing that it was the shop. I sat literally in front if the fan, i had no complaints as i waited comfortably. HAHA!

It took about 15 – 20 minutes max for the transaction to be done. Such fast deal. We walked off not knowing what to do as we were waiting for the stocks to come and A to be done with her family. Fiance wanted to fetch me from his workplace and at the same time i thought we could search for his kain samping. We walked and landed ourselves in Tanjong Katong Complex. Went to the third floor as there weren’t much humans, sat on a chair plus i got to charge my phone at one of pillar and there’s air con and we had food too! HAHAHA! so many “ands” =.=

Me and T are so much alike that we would rather be in that type of quite place then to walk around aimlessly. Buang tenaga. =.= We catch things up and talked about the wedding preparations.

Fiance reached and he was minding his own business while T and i continued our conversation, few minutes passed and A came with her son. This boy uh, face so innocent and handsome. Geram tengok dia kadang2.

It was quarter past ten when T suggested that we call the shop. Called and the stocks had arrived! weee~ seb baik call, if not tunggu sampai 11. =.=

Checked the goods and paid the balance. Separated our ways and bid goodbyes. Fiance and i continued with the kain sampeng search. Yet another quick shopping experience. I am so thankful that those i went shopping with are fast gamers. Tak hegeh2 type. Alhamdulillah. Cos i myself tak suka hegeh2 and forever fickle minded. Penat mau layan.

We ended our night without chendol as fiance wanted. i think he forgot about it. HAHA! Reached home safely with the things needed in hand.

Upon reaching home, my sisters were still awake and i had them tried on the newly bought clothes. As i envisioned (while still worried if she’s gonna like the cutting of the baju), i was right when she saw the amazing color and songket. It fitted her perfectly and also for my other sister. Her tangan panjang so i had problems finding the right size for her. Alhamdulillah semua ok and we need not waste another trip just to get an exchange. hehe!

I am so thankful laaaa.. 2 months 1 day to go. Senyum lebar lebar. 

Side note, our future abode is coming in place and going higher as the months passed. Senyum sampai whole face ade lesung pipit. 😛 that’s just creepy.



2 thoughts on “Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu

  1. Hi sis!! Omg my fam/bridesmaids also wearing similar colours too!! Serupa tapi tk sama.. Haha kita same frequency la! Sept wedding, honeymoon at phuket. Lol! Helloo 😀

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