ANGRY or disappointed?

You will never understand the amount of stress a bride to be is going through until you become one.

Always choose wisely on who are the people you are gonna share that stress and joy with while planning on that most important day of your life.

I suck as most of my close friends are guys! Only a handful of them are girls and that handful are those whom i usually trust my whole heart with. Even that handful may cost damage. I am not sure if i should be angry about how they treat it lightly about meet-ups and such or i should be disappointed that i may have chosen the wrong set of people to share the joy with.

Call me mean, unreasonable or a bitch cos i don’t really care y’know? After all it is MY big day. I want it my way and i have low tolerance for bullshits. Enough is enough. I shall put an end to this.

Since you treated it lightly and took it unimportantly, i don’t think you deserve to be involved in it.

I’m done.


6 thoughts on “ANGRY or disappointed?

    1. I’m ok already babe. It’s really annoying and I told them that I am cancelling all of it. In which I did. Terus dari 6 Tinggal dua je. Lol. I can finally breathe.

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