Hello and goodnight readers!!! =.=

Warning: 1505 word count post!

Showed fiance my design and he chose the design he likes and i always make people around me vote for the designs they like and i will get confused at the end of the day. =.=

So, went on a “wedding” date with my fiance and did a little shopping! After so long tak beli bende, ni dapat beli *walaupun untuk wedding*, it feels good man! HAHAHA!

Fiance reach my place close to 4.30pm and we went straight to Ngee Ann City to survey rings at Tiffany and Co as i heard from my colleague that they have a collection of carbon fiber. Fiance was excited as i was to see their collections! Actually, before we headed down i did checked their website first and i saw the ring, i kinda had the feeling that fiance won’t be getting the ring lor. Macam strong feeling gitu uh. Plus my fiance has his own kind of taste for his ring.

I just knew that Tiffany and Co in Ngee Ann City was two storey high and fiance asked why they had no escalator in the store. =.= He said he pitied the wheelchair people. =______________=”’ Padahal ade escalator eh kat luar. hahah! carik pasal laa ni orang.

Went in and there were humans surrounding the display cabinets. As usual, i like exploring before asking, unless da malas gila and tak nak waste time will then i ask around for the product we are looking for.

SIDETRACK JAP!!! Orchard Road peh ramai orang!!!! Lagi lagi yang kat luar H&M and Cineleisure area!!!! Humans everywhere~ Nak pengsan tengok ramai gila humans!!

Ok back to Tiffany and Co.. Went up to level 2 and fiance decided to ask where he could find the ring he wanted and the guy directed him to the ground floor and he said there is a section just for guys. =.= Turun balek lor..

And as my fiance were talking to this sales person, i kaki gatal jalan2 and nampak satu cincin lawa gila! Initially i wanted to get a wedding band so that we have the same set of rings. But the wedding band they had was way too simple for me. It looked really nice for fiance though as it was thick and broad while the other one which would look better on a lady finger didn’t look as attractive as the one that fiance wore. I tried wearing the thicker one and it looked weird on me lor. My finger so slim lei, no need big big ring.

The ring that caught my eye was a half eternity ring with a mix of pink sapphire and guess how much it costed? It cost $5540 IF i’m not wrong! HAHAHA! Told mum and mum said to get it if i loved it. =________=”’

As were talking in disbelieve with the sales guy, suddenly a sales lady popped out from nowhere and asked us “heyyy.. you guys don’t remember me uh??” i looked at her and turned to my fiance who obviously looked clueless and said to him “Sheena laa!! you tak kenal?” and yeap he didn’t remember. =.= Sheena was our classmate in ITE. She was surprised that we got together as we weren’t talking nor hanging out when we were in class laa. HAHA!

Fate babe.. Fate.

We talked about the rings and fiance finally came to a decision as i decided not to get any rings there. *kerana yang ku mahu sesungguhnya mahal…. =.= *

Swiped the card and yeap… he got his! I JEALOUS PLEASE!!!!!!!

tiffany and co

Waved goodbye to our friend and thanked her for assisting us and headed out for the next mission….. which is to survey for MY RING!!!

But before that fiance went in Mont Blanc to survey some wallets. As he was busy with the salesman i called up the shop i wanted to go and asked if we could hop by to view their ring collection as i knew we had to make an appointment first. Shop closes at 7.30pm and we wasted no time to drop by the shop.

Can i announce that i love it when fiance rides past Orchard Central, free air con for that few seconds. HAHA! I wonder how the humans in there survives. =.=

We rode to Far East Shopping Centre as the shop i wanted to go was located there. Went in and was greeted warmly by their sales person. The auntie so lovely laa. We talked and then decided to walk around. At that point of time i remembered clearly that my mind was very distracted. I didn’t know what type of ring i wanted, how much it will cost, how do i want it to be customized. Seriously pening gila and tak tau what i wanted. Told the fiance that i didn’t know what i wanted and he told me not to rush as we still had time. The moment he said that i felt relieved but blanked. =.=

I wanted to get a ring that would compliment my engagement ring. I didn’t need big diamonds as i knew i wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Furthermore aku ni ade sikit punya ganas. Ade je diamond dia tercabot abeh hilang. Nak nangis gi beli diamond sendiri pun mungkin makan berapa tahun agaknya. =.=

So, we sat and chose, tried a few rings before i could say that i found the one. Tried and tried till i didn’t know if i will be able to get a ring at the end of the day. I didn’t hope much but the saleslady was very patient with me. I think i looked very disappointed when i couldn’t find the ring i wanted. My heart sank when the ring i wanted would cost more than 2k. Plus i don’t wish to burden my fiance with that kind of amount. Haizzz…. Boleh nangis babe kat sana.

Until….. i saw something which kind of stood out. Cos the ones i tried was either the saleslady who chose for me or the one i saw and chose it myself… Fiance picked one too and it cost about 3k and we laughed sarcastically.

Miss Amy (the saleslady) took out the ring and told me that this would look perfect with my engagement ring cos the frame was high and it wouldn’t block my engagement ring. Guess what…… it really looked perfect laaa! It both compliment each other and looked so beautiful together! I loved how the frame holds the center diamond!! LOVELY!!!!

Fiance took out his card and paid for it. I felt bad and told him that i could paid for the extra as it was over his budget, he told me to let the matter rest. Actually i liked the ring until i thought over and over about it till i eventually loved it when we were walking around Orchard. HAHA! aku merepek gila. Love after purchasing. Actually KENE love, if not kene sembelih. =.=

I don’t have a picture for it as we went out only with a receipt, it needs resizing as it’s too big for me. =.= We will be back to the shop to get the perfect sized ring! HEHEHE~

Oh oh and if you want to know what shop did we went, it is JannPaul/House of Hung. Pernah nampak or dengar tak??? House of Hung tu da lama gila k!

Settled with rings, next stop… Dinner! Kesian fiance belum makan since morning as he just came back from his night shift.

Went to Far East Plaza to get dinner at the usual level 5 Cahaya shop. Walked around as we tons of time left before we decide where to go next. I wanted to go Nine West to get my wedding shoe as i saw one simple shoe on the net but i decided to just walk at Far East Plaza and not waste his petrol. Sekali makcik ni cerewet and tak beli how? =.=

So we walked and i saw one shop which was recommended by many to get a wedding shoe that particular shop. Went in and nothing much which i liked, went to the next same named shop and i saw that oh so lovely shoe! Plus it was DISCOUNTED!! Thank you GSS! Tried on it and measured height with fiance *as i am quite tall for a girl* and it looked ok. Decided and walked off smiling! HAHAH! senang gila.. Before i forget, i have been served by extremely good customer service by all the shops we went!! Extremely happy tonight! Walked out of the shop with a big white bag!

Sneak peek of the shoe ok?

unnamedsappppp? ok?

I don’t think i’ve ever blogged this long but yea i did! HAHA! congrats nazz.

Two major things done!! weeeee~

Next will be two more gifts for the dulang and we are good to go for the wedding!! lagi 2 months plus je!! boleh pengsan!


Thank you very the nice. Me love you girls~


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