I was in the middle of an awesome project when i decided to move my laptop and the wire got disturbed and my file wasn’t saved and everything was gone. The only thing that i managed to get restored was the tabs i opened in google. =.= I love you google for being so awesome.

Anyways, i have finally got the final design out for the signage which will be placed at the bus stop or wherever my mum feels it’s appropriate to be placed which i don’t really care. I am thankful that i have the knowledge of doing basic designs. Thank you Digital Media Design. Feels good to be able to compliment my signage design with my wedding card design! hehehe~ and i saved a lot of money! Super happy bride to be.

Next, i am designing another poster to be placed at my photo booth area! Me being me, i want it to compliment my decor and it’s hard for me to explain it to another party when i could actually get it done myself. =.= It’s just that i am lazy.


The only reason as to why i am doing it now is because, i can’t sleep as i accidently took a nap after work till 8.45pm. =.= secondly, i am feeling it~ thirdly, might as well enjoy the air con while doing all the pending jobs.


Can’t wait to go out for a date with my fiance tomorrow!! Da lama tak berjumpa, rindu rasa hati…

OK BYE! enjoy your weekends~


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