I wonder how a person (if that person is one) can have the intention of cheating an innocent human. No matter if it’s related to money or feelings, it’s just cruel.

Why would someone cheat on a person? When all they gave was sincerity, love and friendship. Why would that someone take advantage of the kindness given by that person?

I have always believed that no matter how cruel a human treats that person the human will not be let off easily even on Earth.

At times I do wonder if those tragedies happened as an eye opener or it’s an early punishment for being such an ass.

I always knew that things will never come to a good end when you are disobedient to your parents and husband (if married). Maybe that is what happened to that person. It’s a lesson learnt plus a punishment. By far I knew that that person will never forget what happened and that person will never forgive that human for treating that person that way.

At times humans behave like animals, but I know not all of them behave the same way. Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that what happened to me was a superb lesson for me to remember my whole life.

Reason why I don’t trust easy, this is why.


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