June 8th, 2013

Exactly a year ago, almost everything changed. That was the date that we sort of became one? HAHA! Yea, it is kinda obvious laa… We got engaged on this date last year.

izat&zeera-231nerve wrecking moment of my life!

The day whereby everything got serious. It was the day that i was assured that the was going to be the one that i will be spending my life with in future and that he was the one that i can depend on no matter what happens. Though we just got together less than a year at that point of time, i knew that i found the one. The way i felt for him was different, it wasn’t like the ones i had experienced before. I knew that he was that serious when he suggested that he meets my parents. Everything changed. We even applied for a place that we can soon call home. That was how serious he was with me. Sweet gila!

I just realized that the dates we chose are all during school holidays.. =.=
June laa, September laa. Suke eh kite?

It’s actually funny how it all started and how everything was planned. Since i was the first daughter in the family and mum was excited we made a sort of big event gitu lor. How i envy my sisters, theirs were so simple! Gerek gilaa..

Oh btw, i am camera shy. I run whenever i see a camera focusing on me. No kidding!!! Nervous gila k on that day. All eyes, cameras, praises were on/for me. Tak biasa!! I wonder how celebrities handles it. =.=

engagementle barang dulangs~

Initially we planned to tie the knot on September 2015 but his mum suggested that we carried it forward instead. I am glad that she suggested that! Alhamdulillah that everything is going so smoothly now.

engagement2fiance bought them dollars, frame and made this himself. 
am so proud of him..

Sedangkan mase tunang je i nervous sampaikan nak terberak laa, nak termuntah laa.. Ape lagi nanti during September eh? heh heh~


10 thoughts on “June 8th, 2013

      1. Hehehe.. can’t wait!! I think I cannot wait that long.. cos my fiancé is working night shift. Mungkin I reach abt 1pm – 2pm gitu.

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