This Is It!

Good morning Friday!!! 7 hours to end of work and i can embrace the busy weekend coming up ahead. Another piece of good news for me and family and we are one step higher to the Day.

My darling little sister have been a great help to me and mum. She went over to Choa Chu Kang Town Council to make booking for le void deck! Alhamdulillah that everything went well cos she went there alone as i was at work and mum was too.

So this is how the story is, Town Council officer told me and mum that we can only make booking of the block 90 days before wedding date and they even counted it for us, they told us that on June 8th, 2014 we can come down to make necessary bookings and such. So we were alright with it uh. No choice mah?

Told mum that June 8th is on a Sunday and since i am saving as much leaves as possible, i will be heading down on June 7th, Saturday morning to make the booking. Mum said that if they were to make it hard for me, she will call them up.

I can’t remember what made mum called them up yesterday but she did and they told that we can make booking 109 days before! =.= gabrah sekejap k. I didn’t have the mood to work lor, felt like going down to Town Council straight to make the booking lor. Tapi naseb ku baik that little sis is at home and she can make the booking for me! Alhamdulillah sangat.


My wedding won’t be able to take place this smoothly without the help from my family. I love them to bits!

Another major thing down looooooo!

Next is site visit with my Decor and Catering for arrangement. Followed by purchasing of favors for the adults. Oh wait, we still need to buy our wedding bands plus wedding shoe! Did i mentioned that fiance went to the boutique to get his measurements done for his tuxedo suit? Well yea he did! weeee~ Everything is falling in place. Dropped a text to fiance’s mum two days ago and she was happy that everything is going ever so smoothly. Alhamdulillah for that.

3 months to go! triple weeee……


9 thoughts on “This Is It!

    1. Depends on your town council dear. My side is 3 months. 😦 but I know of some can book 6 months in advance. Example is my tunang. =.= so good.

  1. Tumpang lalu… LOL!!

    i was told by my TC that, once we booked its already ours. I mentioned abt the cine mam, the officer said that, no matter wat they need to have a permit before setting up. so dun worry la ladies. hopefully nothing happens. stress abt ur wedding la not cine mam hahaha! 😛

    1. Hahaha.. I think I read in ur blog. Now can request for the banner tak silap. To show that we already booked the block for wedding purposes. So other people cannot book it. If betul ade then terpaksa laa redha aje. Nak buat camne. Takde rezeki. Hahaha.. da malas nak fikir lagi babe. =.=

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