September 2014


I am one excited lady! Fiance decided to book a hotel room for our staycay right after our first night. Since we won’t be going to our honeymoon immediately after marriage so we will have time to rest and spend more personal time together.

My leave will start from 4th September till 21st September! *i just realized that i will work for only a week in September. =.=* balek leave confirm nangis pasal kerja berlambak! HAHA! BUT IT’S GONNA BE WORTH IT!!!

This is how the plan is,
6th September : nikah plus sanding at le bride’s place
7th September : sanding at le groom’s place

8th & 9th September : first STAYCAY!!
*hotel name will not be revealed till i make a review about it*

10th & 11th September : Post wedding photo shoot with ESA Wedding Gallery

12th September on wards : HONEYMOONS!

Super excited cos our first two weeks of September 2014 is packed!! best part is, it’s just the two of us! 😀



*p/s: i would like to thank all of my readers and my friends for giving me words of strength that made me strong. Thank you for all the kind words. May Allah bless you all with health, wealth and happiness. Alhamdulillah that i am able to accept the fact that she is no longer here with us but she is always in our heart and prayer. 


12 thoughts on “September 2014

  1. Amazingly chanced upon your blog… and we have the same nikah & sanding date! AAHHH!!! haha. Insya’Allah everything will be smooth and fine.

    1. Hellooo!!! weeeee~ so exciting!!! Amin Amin!!! May things go smoothly for you too dear!!!

      Exciting kannnnn! heheheheh!! You no blog babe?

      1. Hehehe.. ohh.. icic.. mine is a general blog. Will update abt my wedding as and when there are updates. Hehe..

        Are most of ur stuffs are settled?

      2. Oh that is definitely a yesssssur! Hahaha.. nak relaxxxx! Da penat already! Hahaha.. Yup! Early March this year at Kasih Sejati. Hee.. yourself?

      3. Mine is next week! haha. thought of going before puasa so can feeling feeling abit. But then scared too rushing.

      4. Weeee… all the best to you and partner! Hee.. actually I wanted to go nearer to the date also but my fiancé is working shifts. It’s hard to get a free weekend without disturbing his leave. =.=

    1. Hehehe.. I can’t wait for September! By the way you shared it in your posts, it seems a lot of fun! I felt so excited just by reading. Hehe…

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