Got Them Mood

Finally got mood to blog!! HAHAHA!

I am so sorry for the super crappy piece of shit blog post recently, i was so busy and that affected my mood in blogging.

I am getting emotional as the days are getting near, i am overwhelmed by the fact i will soon have to care for someone else laundry, tummy, feelings and the worst part is not to go over board with my extremely annoying mood swings. Da dosa nanti, tak leh masuk Syurga. Bau pun tak dapat agak nya! =.= Gini macam kene buat signage or post it note and tampal on forehead stating that i am angry or something. I am working that out, trying to be less angry and trying to be more patient. I AM TRYINGGGGG… =.=


As mentioned on my previous post, me and my beloved awesome sisters have been busy with the wedding favors (we have yet to touch on the kids favors =.=). We started last Friday and so far about a hundred of them are done! we have 900 to go! All the best laa orang kate kan? wait, i just realized something. THREE MONTHS? TIO BO?? THREE MONTHS??????


Where did all the minutes go? =.=
come back, come back. *imitating Rose when the small boats were leaving*

Most of the stuffs are settled. Alhamdulillah for that. ROMM done, interview done. Booked le kadi done. Left with the booking of venue with the Town Council, hopefully tak menyakitkan hati. Last will be printing of the wedding cards! YIPPEE!!!

WAITTTTT!!! I am waiting for GSS!!! Belum beli wedding shoe plus wedding ring! *slaps forehead* sesungguh i is meningkat umur. stm jap.. =.=

I can’t wait for September. To have a brand new start in life, having more responsibilities and challenges, having to cook for le husband, spending more time with him (takya nak send video or skype or send gambar annoying/sweet/act cute dan sebaliknya), best part is to have my very own imam!!! Insya Allah..

Can’t wait to travel the world with him! I am excited as i never got the chance to travel with him! Paleng jauh is Melacca, which i went during Hari Raya Haji last year with his parents. Nak kenalkan ngan family sana gitu loh… And talking about Melacca, the food kat kampong kan, SEDAP GILLLLLAAAAAA!! Even though my tummy was full, maseh uh nak sumbat, and the weather plus environment, you can just do nothing and lepak on le hammock. Peaceful gila.

Ok, TER-sidetrack rabak. but i really miss the kampung in Melacca.

I am more excited about our post wedding photo shoot with Esa Wedding Gallery!!! Get ready collect peluh kat baju. Balek kedai kat JB boleh perah and buat kenangan!! HAHA! pengotor i know!! 😛

And banyak gila jemputan on May!!!! Best nyaaaa! HEHEHEHE~ ok bye! Boss belikan Ben’s and Jerry’s! Kite nak enjoy le ice creammmmm!

*applicable to a five day work admin staffs only*


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