I am contemplating if i should have a name hashtag for our wedding, cos firstly i ain’t got ideas on how to combine my name with my fiance’s name. I’ve never done that before and i think it’s just weird to be combining names. The closest i am having currently is #izzatzeera. Zeera is my “new” name. HAHA! No laaa.. setakat nak match with my fiance name je. No meaning siak that name and i don’t even like it. I still prefer people/friends calling me Nazz instead, maybe i am used to that. Back to the hashtag, the only pros i can see is that when friends or families hashtag (this applies to instagram) their photos during our event we can view it maybe after wedding (if it’s a public profile). Other than that takde laa kot?

COMING UP WITH A HASHTAG IS NO FUN. =.= *sit one corner and cry* chey… merepek.

Anyways, i am still considering as ours is a two day event and maybe it might be fun having it?

Should i? Should i?

Maybe you girls can give suggestions? Maybe i might consider having, or maybe not? HAHA!

k bye… and besok budak office HOLIDAYYYYYY!!!! and Friday i is on leave so LONG WEEKENDS FOR MEEEEE!


4 thoughts on “HASHTAG

  1. HAHAHAHA you so funny! I also had trouble coming up with my wedding hashtag seh. Lastlast combine nama aje. Anyways #nazzizzat sounds nice, to me lah. Banyak zzzzz hehe

    1. Haha! Pening kepale fikir. And having like #insertnameweds is too mainstream gitu kan? Hahah. Abeh nak initial then like lame #niweds? Hahaha! Fikir je boleh ketawe sendiri. =.= and #nazzizzat looks cool!!!

    1. Hello!! Ngah fikir ni. Lol! Maybe ade agak nya. For fun je eh? Yes best!!! Must enjoy this opportunity. Padahal ade bende nak settle nye pasal. Haha.. whatttt?? Keje shift eh??

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