Three Years


From blogspot to wordpress. I love you wordpress. It’s amazing that I started blogging nonsense since ite days and till now? Sadly I didn’t keep those post from blogspot due to a certain reason. Which is crap.

I love how awesome wordpress is as they allow us to post privately and publicly as you want to.

But I love how blogspot is cos I get to play around with html! Kirekan wordpress ni macam iphone uh and blogspot android. Chey macam faham.

It’s Monday and I am feeling very very sleepy!!! *yawns*


3 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. Welcome to WordPress! I hope you’re enjoying it so far!! I find that the community on WordPress is very different from Blogspot. I’ve made a ton more interactions with strangers and friends on here than I ever did there! 🙂

    1. Hello!! Oh yes! I forgot to mention that too. having more interactions here than blogspot! It isn’t so creepy than having to figure out who typed on the cbox. :p

      1. Yeah, exactly!!! On Blogspot, nobody really responded to anything I posted so the posts just kinda…. sat there gathering dust. And then here, people interact!! It’s so nice! I read so many new perspectives each day and it just makes me feel like I’m in touch with the world!!

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