Le blog have been busy collecting viewers with no updates. I am really sorry as i have nothing (nothing interesting to share) to blog about. Unless you are interested to know what i do everyday. hahaha! 

So on April 2nd, 2014 which is a Wednesday, i took leave for bridal and decor appointment. Fiance was having his second day off on that day. He saves a lot of leaves by the way. I am the one taking leaves to accommodate the days for the vendors, and i usually try to meet two or three vendors at the same time so as to fully utilize my oh so precious leave. *ok mak nenek whining*

First was to meet my bridal namely Kak Sue, fiance fetched me as usual and we went for the appointment. Nama je tinggal west, nak go Yew Tee by own vehicle pun boleh sesat! =.= It was very humid and hot and it made my arm pit cried. It was that bad, although naik kereta. =.= So we had to choose 4 sets of baju for our two day event. 2 for my side and 2 for his. I got fiance to choose the color for the nikah and we took white for it, it was very simple with slight beading on it. I love fiance’s outfit for nikah, it’s like the 2 layer baju thingy. So nice and simple. He’s gonna look so hot in it. 😛 ok too much info. Since baju nikah was settled. Next baju for sanding i wanted an english dress *dream dress*! Since the time we signed up we took the normal package, if we wanted any exclusive baju we have to top up, depending on how new or old the design is. 

Before we actually came for this day, i told myself this *confirm i will get one exclusive baju, i don’t believe that i will take the norm punye, mesti lame* and right on the spot. i was right. I like something extravagant for the english dress and i found it but it’s under the exclusive package uh. i tried to psycho my mind to like one of the normal ones but i just had a hard time liking them. The dress i chose was really gorgeous laa! I think the dress is gonna make the ungorgeous me to be one. HAHAH! Before i could have that choice made up, i looked at fiance’s facial expression to see if he is alright with it as we need to top up a certain amount for it. Means monthly pay more uh. It was a no no on his face while shaking his head. 😦 i almost cried. Even the other one that i liked is the exclusive one. I IS SEDIH GILAAAA! before we made any decisions, Kak Sue said that he had to wear a coat to go along with my english dress. He tried on the white coat first and it was alright looking, after which he tried on the black which made him look taller! I suka please!! But he said it was too much. =.= Forever suke simple stuffs. Oh! my english dress is in cream color with gold glitters on the top plus a very very long train! Kak Sue mentioned that someone needs to assist me on holding the train while i walk! HAHAH! Im gonna bully my sis. *mehehehehe* I forgot how we got to a decision to agree on that exclusive dress that i fell in love with but YEA WE ARE TAKING THAT DRESS!!!! happy sampai boleh gila! And i can finally see my htb in a coat! once in a life time babe. 

Next, for sunday since it will be at his place i got him to choose what he wants to wear what his mother would love to see us in. He wants to be some Pendekar with tanjak and keris and what not with a baju songket! I just go with it je laa.. hahah! first time k pakai full songket! i wonder how i will look like. and that is in gold! very lawa laa the songket! I like it. Only that it looks thick, confirm gatal2, peluh2 segala! and no, do not ask me to wear sanggul. Confrim menangis keberatan.

Ok another outfit down. Next is quite tough for my fiance? Cos my mum called in the process of choosing and i had to talk to her. LOL! so i told mum that i had to call her back again and when i got back to the scene, Kak Sue was asking fiance which color he’s looking at. Actually way before that i liked one of the turquoise long kebaya dress. Super nice please!!!!! Geram tengok. I told fiance earlier but he didn’t seemed to notice how excited i was. =.= maybe pasal panas cuaca. haha!

So he asked me which one would i like for the sanding outfit for Sunday, apa lagi kan yang turquoise laaa! hahaha! Kak Sue took the dress out and it looks so pretty with the short tail at the back! heheeh! suka banyak2! Since i took that, fiance didn’t wanna wear the baju melayu thus he had to take the high collar top! Looks really good on him! 

I’m gonna get Blushing Bouquet to do a boutonniere for him and he is all settled! 

So all in all! It was a ok experience and an enjoyable one. Anyways, we went off with a hungry stomach. Went Lot 1 for lunch and headed off to Hougang to see Kak Jannah! 😀

Appointment was at 6pm but we reached early! about 5.40pm? I didn’t know that choosing decor can be so tedious! =.= i knew the color theme and all but i think i have changes uh. Not sure if it’s alright. hahaha! =.= 

I don’t think i wanna reveal much about my decor as it’s easily visualized. Hee… i still like some surprises for my wedding. hehehe! I already have the theme in mind and i am so excited. I need to get my homework done for now! i have one month before i meet up again with her for site viewing plus to finalize all! Kak Jannah is AWESOME! me love her! 😀

Next mission is,  freaking headache WEDDING SHOE! =.= all the best nazz and fiance. HAHAHAH!


2 thoughts on “Homework!

  1. Exciting nyer! Reading about choosing baju. Somemore you have more than 1 to choose for your wedding days. BEST SEKALI. Now can’t wait to see you in themmmmmm! XOs

    1. I was excited but i am so stressed now! lol!! best SEKALI je. HAHAH! ok sorry. very annoying. I can’t wait to wear themmmmm!! and i can’t wait till i can see you in yours!!! XOs!

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