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As promised (i think i did promised), i will be sharing with you girls the experienced i had when i was at Melati Pesona Spa which is located at Bukit Gombak area. Since it was my first time going to a Spa, i was kinda nervous and lost at the same time. Case bangse baru masuk sekolah baru gitu uh. *inserts muke selenge bacin saya*

Alright straight to the point ok?

The appointment was at 5pm and i reached at about 4.45pm? Receptionist greeted me with a smile and a good afternoon and showed me to the therapist/masseuse who will be attending to me that evening. The therapist whom i didn’t catch her name showed me a locker whereby i could place my personal belongings in it and passed me the key. She showed me the room which i could change my clothing and start with the treatment.

She provided me with a shower cap and a disposable panty, i actually brought extra panty cos i very paiseh to bare myself to her. haha! *padahal pernah brazilian waxing* =.= I got to choose if i wanted to wear a bath robe or a towel, which i would choose the bath robe laa.. da laa malu abeh nak gi berkemban sape mau layan!

So, gi toilet and there was a bathtub filled with water and it feels kinda warm in there. Told me that once im inside i havta signal her so that she could on the bubbles or say the machine that produce bubbles which is sort of like you are in a jacuzzi. I took a picture laa but i won’t be posting. That was a 15 mins relaxing session full of bubbles and i felt so relaxed! Boleh tido any time.

Once done, went out and laid on the massage bed? Had to put on the other disposable panty before laying and she started with the scrub. She said that it’s made of some mixed sea salt elements. OH WAIT!! before i forget to mention, after i went out from that bubble massage treatment, my body felt heavy, like it’s so relaxed and i felt so lazy. It was good to finally rest on the bed and receive the scrub treatment!

Scrubbed the whole body without leaving a single spot un-scrubbed. haha! Once done, showered it off! And i felt how smooth my skin were after the scrub. (it still is smooth up till now!) She shared with me that it enables to get rid of the dead skin which will allow new skin to be replaced. Told her about my eczema condition and she told me it’s good to do scrub. Although that was not what my specialist recommended. =.= hahahaha.. But it’s worth the try laa. Since now my skin is regenerating.

Once i was done showering, i was ready for my first ever massage from a professional. Can i skip this part cos i hate MASSAGES! =.= It was painful. Although it was bearable, she told me to let her know if it was too much and i could tell her to slow down, but then i recalled what my mum said *kalau tak sakit tak kan baik* so fine. tahan lor. what to do? =.= the only part which i enjoyed was the face massage and head massage. that was gooood! Oh, and i realized that i could never ever go for a foot reflexology! GELI GILA! Sampai terketawa2. Seb baik tak tertendang! So itu part she never touch. HAHA!

Once done, i felt a little refreshed. She told me that i couldn’t shower for the next hour and im done!

Made payment and was served a cup of hot drink while registering myself before payment.

Overall my review for this place is,
– it’s really personal and you feel like as though you are home
– it’s quiet and the therapist/masseuse was very friendly in making you feel comfortable
– it was a very great experience
– it’s AWESOME

I am definitely going there for the next 5 months or say 4 months till wedding date. They do provide facial services too! Which i am gonna start 3 months before wedding date. And that is June! So once a month for spa treatment and i am good to go! weeee~

On the side note, i met my fiance after the spa treatment and he told me i looked sleepy. HAHA!


6 thoughts on “Le Spa

  1. Woahhh, syiok yer! I’m like literally sleepy, imagining myself doing the treatment while reading your blog. lol. And it’s at Gombak! Quite near my house 🙂 But what’s exactly your package/treatment eh? Facial, body massage and scrub?

    1. hahaha! alamak! terlalu wordy eh my post. 😛 ummm.. i have to check cos it’s the pengantin package. It’s the scrub, massage and bubble massage package. I’ll check what’s the package name when i get home. Receipt kat rumah! hehehe..

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