Good afternoon to my lovely readers. How have your Saturday been so far? Mine was ok ok je laa so far, it’s still too early to say if it’s ruined or something. HAHA!

Anyways, if any of you girls or guys have an Instagram account do not forget to follow @pspeacefulsoul for beautiful quotes in stickers or bookmarks. She recently added A5 size notebooks with pretty covers plus motivational quotes at the bottom of every page in her collection. I am satisfied with her service and the products received! hehehe! And i plan to make that notebook as a personal diary once i am married. Privacy is still needed uh. Bukan nye boleh percaya ni internet semua. =.=

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)


I might close this blog or i might not. I was thinking maybe i could share about house renovation and such after marriage. Yea, that may be a good idea. HAHAH! confirm tak tulis kat diary laa nampak nya. =.=

I have this very bad habit of purchasing pretty cover books. Cute pens or pencils. It’s horror going to shops like Smiggle, The Paper Stone, Paper Market, Popular etc… You name it.. I can guarantee you that i’ll purchase stuffs which i don’t need.

Ok next!! My Saturday didn’t go as planned. As i was supposed to go to the Post Office after ngaji and head straight down to le Spa. hahaha.. Spa appointment was at 12.30pm, it is now 12.45pm exactly, i had it postponed as i am too lazy and i feel lethargic to get out of sofa. Had the Post Office visit postponed to next Wednesday and the Spa visit later at 5pm.

Talking about Spa, my mum surprised me by booking it for me. Ibu belanja first Spa treatment!! woooohooo.. Didn’t see it coming uh. Since ibu made appoitment and payment. I’ll just have to be there and enjoy the session. I did search for the Spa name and i managed to find it. Once again, thank you Google for making my life easier! So much love for you! ♥

I’ve never heard of it before laa.. mane tak, aku nye orang mane laa pergi spa ni semua. =.= So i can’t share with you girls how’s the treatment like and all. It’s located at Bukit Gombak, freaking near to my place uh. 3 stops away from home! haha! itu pun malas eh? :p

melati pesonaYou can click on the banner to be directed to their Facebook page. 🙂

OH YAAA! before i end this not so important post! My Bridal vendor namely Kak Sue, she managed to slot me in on April too! The one which i took leave to meet Kak Jannah to choose my decor! Killing two frogs with one stone! *cos i hate frogs!*
Alhamdulillah that things are made easy for me and fiance. The next day we go work confirm muke senyum and penat. =.= HAHA!

I CAN’T WAIT FOR APRIL!!!!! and the few more months to come! hahah!



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