That one conversation in the office in front of my colleagues;
Boss: nazz, you never exercise uh?
Me: ahhhh.. no. why?
Boss: I can see your fats at your hips and tummy.
Me: WHUAAAAAT? how can you possibly see it? *mind you my baju is kinda loose*
Boss: yes laa.. you are getting fat.
Colleague: how can you see it?
Boss: Cos when she sat, i saw her fat jiggling.
Boss: Go shape up man!
Me: *CRIES OUT LOUD* i’m not gonna check your emails ever! go check it yourself!! 😦
Boss: *walks away laughing*


and yes, all of my colleagues were laughing at me. SAD LAAA! i didn’t expect that to come from my own boss.

Sebok je tengok orang. HAHAHA!

Anyways, new updates for le wedding! I am meeting my Kak Jannah this coming April! Insya Allah. YAY!! excited to the max please! The nearer the date is, i am getting confuse as to what theme i am looking at for the decor. =.= and i hope that my bridal is free for our choosing of outfit. So tak buang leave. September sudah long leave ni.

Oh oh! the 2 weeks plus leave is APPROVED! YESZURR! Alhamdulillah! hehehehe!



yea, i know that it’s that obvious. :p

five months to go eh! peh cepat!!! HAHAHA!

And talking about September reminds me of my previous post! the trouble i had choosing either luggage or back pack kan. I found something so much better. Something i sold before when i was working at The North Face years ago! HAHAH!

Let me present you le awesome Base Camp Duffel! Super practical, water resistant plus it’s durable for long term usage! There’s 3 ways of carrying it. You can either hand carry it, shoulder carry it like a back pack or even sling it or carry it by your side! Awesome gila!

base camp duffel small size

Base Camp Duffel

My ex colleague got one while working there and it’s still in good condition! i think it’s been more than 5 years? Certain bags will get mouldy after awhile don’t it? But not for these babies! Furthermore there are good reviews from around the world about these bags!


4 thoughts on “SAD

    1. Hahaha! No laa.. he’s forever jokingly saying things like that. Da biase da. Lol. And I’ve gotta agree babe. No matter how u look on that day. It’s ur day! Hehehe.. thanks babe! :*

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