which is better?

I would like to start with a prayer in this blog post for the passengers and crews on flight MH370. We hope that you are still out there and we hope that you will land safely and meet your family members. May Allah protect all of you and give strength to your family members on land. We hope that there will be a signal soon or a communication made in flight and the control tower. I hope that the family members will be strong. Keep praying for them. It’s such a heartbreaking news. 😥

May this be a lesson for us all, a reminder that anything can happen any time any day without any warnings. Never forget your creator and always remember to at least speak to him 5 times daily. May Allah protect and give guidance to us.


Anyways…. I get all excited just thinking about September. Not just cos i am getting married but because of honeymooooons! HAHAH! i am currently in a state of dilemma, not sure if i should get a luggage bag or a travel back pack for the trip. As there are pros and cons for it uh. I read online about this guy who went to Bali for their honeymoon and his wife wanted to bring a suitcase instead of a backpack. But it depends on your situation also right?

I thought of getting a suitcase as it’s easier and lighter in a way that i don’t havta carry it on my back. Dulu ok laa, cos tak pakai tudung. but ni ngan tudung abeh nak kene gi angkat tu bag abeh ngan pin segala. =.= *dramatic*

And if i were to get a luggage bag, mana laa aku nak gi letak tu bende untuk tangkap habok? Even the next destination that we are going requires us to bring a back pack instead of luggage lor.

But i love the thought of bringing a luggage uh. *pasal tak pernah ade* and cos the feeling feeling of nak travelling pun ade kan.

american tourister

i love the black one! so nice!!

Or maybe i should just get a day pack? Yang lain campak kat husband. 😛 *i hope he doesn’t read this* HAHAHAH!


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