Roses are red, violets are blue

I’ve been busy purchasing small items for room decor and some decor for wedding! Budak pandai purchase bende sendiri and tak nak tanya Kak Jannah who will be doing the decor for me. HAHAHA!

But cannot blame laa.. budak ni excited. lagi lagi pasal decor. Since makan da confirm confirm sedap. So considered da settle laa tuh, and i am very particular about design and colors and basically the whole decor laa!

So….. my packages are slowly arriving. I collected my petals yesterday at post office! cos takde orang kat rumah. i is sad. and mum just whatsapp me another package that arrived!


Can’t wait to get home and open le package!!! weeee~

Oh ya!! there are about 3300 plus plus petals in this picture!! entah cukup ke tidak. =.=

oh oh!! mum went to jb to collect my langsir for room decor semalam!! tak berani bukak, takut tak tau lipat balek! =.= confirm besar gila. boleh main hide and seek kat dalam. =.=


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