As i was typing the previous post, fiance was busy with the flights and we were choosing the villa while on the phone, and….. We just made payment for the flight for our 6 days 5 nights honeymoon! We are going THAILAND!!! Since banyak makanan halal and they have a lot of beautiful villas! plus clean and clear beaches! Mau snorkeling!! So excited! If possible nak main ATV! I’m not looking forward to any shopping spree actually. Nak lepak aja by the beach. Kalau boleh nak sleep kat hammock by the beach with le husband!

Best part is, i will be with le husband at our villa with our private pool! best gila! and excited gilaaa! Lagi laa aku excited! hahahha!


2 thoughts on “MaduBulan!

  1. hello dear, i yang baca pun excited gila! Heeh..I thought of going bangkok still thinking ..hehhe.. may sept come fast and you can enjoy your honeymoon k!!!

    1. Hey dear! hahahah! ikr! im so excited that i am dragging myself to work everyday now. =.= really can’t wait for september!!! confirm enjoy nya! lagi lagi first time! heheh!

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