Demi Cintaku Padamu…

A very good afternoon to my lovely readers. 🙂 

Been a very busy weekend, took leave on Friday as we planned to go to the Natas 2014. Since le fiance was on night shift the day before he slept throughout and we went expo late afternoon. We had to pay $4/pax for entry and we received a big empty bag and a yellow tag. Baru jalan 2 to 3 steps da tangan da penuh with at least 3 flyers. =.= Sumbat laa dalam bag besar tu.

Jalan2 and nothing really caught our eyes laa. Cos kecoh gila the place, full of advertisements and full of flyers and full of people. =.= i think we did inquired about Maldives at some booth and it wasn’t really in our budget. So nahhh… we found the booth to the place that we planned to go and the island that we wanna go takde pulak. haizz… But the lady so polite and she even called the Villa to check if the month that we are going will be busy or not lor. Pasal i kan bertudung so kite memang carik villa yang ade privacy. And kalau jumpa yang ade what we want mahal pulak. Le sigh… so we got hungry, we went out to get sweet corn (yang tak brape sweet) went to the book fair and got a cook book for ourselves plus a book from James Patterson for myself! weeee~

natas 2

We wanted to go to the Pet Fair or Pet Show ke hape entah but kene bayar! =.= so forget it. and banyak gila anjing.

So da hampe, we go for dinner lor. Le fiance nak Botak Jones and we went to the one at Bukit Batok! Dekat dengan rumah ku! weeee~

natas 4

Our both Saturday and Sunday weekends we were busy with our Marriage course at Kasih Sejati. A short summary for the course laa eh? As i personally think that you need to be there to have the full experience of it!

suchi 3

You will experience:
– FUN!!
– Engaging!
– Interactive!
– You will learn a lot about your future partner.
– Your own personality & you can compare your own partner personality (which you will learn what they are good at)
– A lot of laughing and learning

suchi 2

Actually there’s more! it’s really exciting and the best is that you won’t get too sleepy! (unless after a heavy lunch) mata mau berat je bro. hahah!

Oh ya! They provide food for tea break, lunch break and another tea break for the two days! You can solat too as they have a room for it and for the ladies, if you tak bawak telekung don’t worry! cos they have it too! 😀

The best was when we finally received the certificate! hahah! DA BOLEH KAHWIN!!! *mentelism*

I would totally recommend to ALL btbs and gtb to go for your kursus there! best gila! And it’s valid for three years!

Nari i MC pasal sakit, panas semacam. =.= AND CEPAT LAA SEPTEMBER!!


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