Wedding Shoe Headache

Girls!! Remember the headache i had regarding the issue i had with wedding shoes? I can finally rest my mind now! As i found a boutique in Singapore that customizes wedding shoes! Anything you want (i think)! Best part is if you like a certain design of shoe in their shop but the height of the heels is too high (the problem that i have) they can “chop” it off short for you! but ade charges laa, and it’s less than hundred bucks.

Told fiance that i am gonna drag him to that boutique so that i can finally have the design i want plus the perfect height for the heels. weeee~

Thanks to Google search engine that i found this shop. Type maha type k, untuk dapat the shop!

And the name of the place is…………………… *drums rolls*


They are located at Orchard Road (402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard #03-04, Singapore 238876) and before going down to their store (in case tak nak buang masa) you can always go to their webpage (but i think tak update) to view some of their collections. They have a facebook account too (picit sini)! And there are some good customer testimonials (hopefully dorang tak fake the testimonials) =.=




I actually found a blogger that blogged about them but i forgot already uh. Cos that was days back and i was just reading without thinking of anything. From her pictures, their shop looks really cosy. Macam like very personal touch gitu uh. Not like when you go to Nine West or other shoe shops uh. Berlambak kasut yang berwarna warni and banyak gila orang.

And they prefer appointments instead of walk ins. So i think orang sana boleh “chop” sales. hahah! k tak laa. i’m not sure.

Not sure either when i’ll be purchasing a wedding shoe but i guess i’ll head down to their store before puasa? And cakap pasal puasa. Lagi 3 bulan lebih je tinggal eh! Belum bayar puasa last year! *gasp*


6 thoughts on “Wedding Shoe Headache

  1. Oooo customised shoes! Reasonable price pulak tu… i am also starting to search for shoes and good to chance upon your post 😀 Been trying shoes at shops but either no size or very uncomfy… Anyway thanks for sharing the info dear!

    1. hey dear! sprry for the late reply! hehe.. i am glad that i found the boutique and i am pretty sure that it will help the other btbs! boleh buat raya also actually. :p don’t mention the thanks! i love sharing good infos! hehehe.. good luck if you go down to the boutique ok? 😀

  2. Woah! I always have problem with the heels. Too high later I overshadowed my fiance -.- Anyways, thanks for sharing babe! Shall explore that shop..but sorry, I didn’t catch the price range?..

    1. hehe! same as me! no problem! love sharing that benefits others too! price range is at their webpage dear. you can click on the Sinderella “banner” after the drums roll…. haha!

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