Colors and Promises

Alhamdulillah for another day, thank Allah that he has given us another day for us to repent and  giving us another chance to get closer to him. Thank you Allah for waking me up today. May Allah protect us all.

Anyways it’s another day, another long day.. and i just realized that tomorrow it’s my so called “monthsary” on being a hijabi. hahah! lame eh?

It has been a wonderful journey actually. Alhamdulillah that it has been easy, there were bad times but it was always good times with le scarves. =.= I am very grateful to have my fiance as my fiance as he was very supportive when i told him that i wanna start wearing the hijab. The Earth is sick and humans are tearing it apart. 😥 Allah lebih mengetahui segalanya.

I am a very impatient and a short tempered person, i am trying my very best to control those two flaws of mine. I think it’s improving? I’m not sure either. But i find myself creepy as i’m always whispering to the setans to go away. =.= they are a mess!

For the past few years when i was busy showing my aurat to non mahrams, i felt like as though i kinda “rule” the world. hahaha! macam paham. But as years went by, my younger sisters started donning the hijab and it made me change too. That great influence! That strong aura in the house it’s overwhelming. hahaha! so i then decided, why not start before it’s too late. padahal da tergerak hati to wear a month or two before marriage cos my fiance wants me to cover my aurat when i’m his wife.

Now that i am a hijabi, i feel respected, secured and thankful. I put myself down and i am ashamed to Allah, for all the things i did back then.

I am very thankful, very very thankful that i am given the hidayah to start. Thank you for the support from my family, fiance and friends. Love you all laaa! hahah! I am falling in love with Allah more than ever now. Thank you for his mercy and forgiveness. He is the best! ♥


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