One of the main reason as to why i am excited to get married is that i’ll be able to go anywhere at all with my dear htb! It’s been so long since i went overseas as i need the money more than anything now and that i am so used to travelling with either my family or my partner. and best part is, the travelling part is kept for our honeymoon! kirekan another first with him uh.

I really need to get out of Singapore to get a breather man. Even ECP ain’t helping now, packed with humans. =.=

and guess what…….. It’s FRIDAY!!!!! Syukran for today! May Allah bless all of you with great health and ever lasting happiness!

oh oh before i forget something! I would like to share a little something with all of you.
I’m not sure if you girls and guys ever heard of Roses of Peace before? It’s happening again! It was an honor to be part of it in 2012. I am excited to be part of them again this year!!! Actually, it’s not only in Singapore, they are doing in other parts of the world too!

You can watch some of their videos on Youtube! Click here to watch the Roses of Peace Singapore 2012 video!

and if you’re interested! Do join them to have that great experience! super fun! Can give the roses to anyone you want. I always give it to kids, cos they’re awesome! *and because i paiseh to give adults or people my age. :P*

For more info, please search for them on facebook or click here to direct you straight to their page!

Roses of Peace
Roses of Peace

Have fun this weekend and have a great day ahead! 😀


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