So tell me, why is this adat shit so important?

Personally, i feel that it’s a burden to me. Seriously.

Is it a MUST:
to have sireh dara?
to have a specific (odd) number for dulang hantaran?
to have freaking duit hantaran (which burdens my fiance)?!
to have freaking kompang???
to put on henna?

Is it a NEED to spend so much freaking money on a day event?

I am finding all these wedding thingy a burden. Wait, i shall rephrase that. I FIND ALL THIS ADAT SHIT YANG TAK PERLU A BURDEN TO ME!! YANG MENYUSAH KAN AKU TAK HABES HABES!! MATI KE KALAU TAK IKUT ADAT????!!

Trust me, i am throwing this so called membuang masa dan duit adat shit away after i am married k. My future kiddos won’t suffer the way i am suffering now.




6 thoughts on “PISSED

  1. bawak bertenang and mengucap babe. dun let them get to you. just do what you think is right and necessary. sometimes we btbs dun have the power at all cos parents want to “save face”.

    1. Hahaha! Help! Nak nangis already! Haha! That “save face” thingy is killing the both of us. Yea I told mum that im gonna ignore and just settle for what that’s promised.

    1. hahah! i never knew also babe! lol! i thought it applies only during tunang but even kahwin also. hahah! rembat je laa babe. it’s not like people are gonna count how many dulangs are there. hahah!

  2. Hello babe, let me share with you. For myself and my hustand-to-be, we agreed what we can mampu only and we both explained to our parents individually, together and our parents together. For us, very simple. Engagement: ring &duit tanda for me, watch for him (1 dulang), 1 cake each (1 dulang) & 30 bunga rampai. Wedding: rings for both of us + hantaran for me, sireh dara (i think that’s how it is spelt). DAAAAA. Tu je. The key is getting our parents to understand why benda is not necessary (because we can always buy other time, tak semestinya during wedding je) and if they are okay with it, you don’t even have to deal with the makciks etc. That’s my take ah babe. Every parents is different, especially if you’re the first wedding in the family. I also read the post where your parents finally gave in to a one day event instead of two, but dah lambat kan? Hugs tight. Ni semua cobaan. Don’t give in too much to the moods. It will kill you. Just shrug it off. 6 more months to go, you can do it! XO!

    1. Hey babe! how i envy your parents! i’ve said before, it was ok at first and im not sure how it became not ok. anyways, dulang pekara kecik. i don’t they’re gonna count also. haha! and the dulang is suppose to “bagi ape yang mampu aje”. kalau da membebankan pun tak bagus cos da memudaratkan. im sure the parents will understand. heh~

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