Exactly 23 days to go for our Pre-Marriage Course!! Excited gila please!!! I think i did mentioned on my previous post that we will be going to SuChi Success Training Centre for it! But the feeling of me getting married is more to neutral maybe due to the $$$ sign piling up. hahaha!

kasih sejati

Whoever that is going on the March 1st and 2nd, 2014. Do not forget to say hello to the both of us! hehehe!


2 thoughts on “KasihSejati.com

    1. Hello! Hehehe.. aww.. it doesn’t matter so long as it’s under kasih sejati. Hehehe. Im sure we will have fun. Insya Allah next week I will update bout the class and im sure it’s gonna be a fun one. Hee..

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