Definition of a Wedding Shoe

I’m sucha mess! I’ve been having this headache about wedding shoe.

Firstly, i don’t even wear heels! It’s so uncomfortable laa.. Can i get married with my sweet ol’ skate shoe? Best kicks ever!!

Been real busy with my favorite page……


Yea, you can never stop pinning. heh~

I had a few idea in mind, i love ribbons but i’m not obsessed with it, i love crystals too but not too many of it, but i love and am obsessed with lace. anything lace is a major turn on!

*below pics are from* 





I have another problem…. my dear fiance is about 10 cm higher than me. So that means, i can’t wear real high heels and i don’t want to. Or else kene gi classes on “how to walk on heels with elegance” =.= And then i found something like this on pinterest.



But i tak brape minat sangat laa pulak kan? Da mcm kasut biase gitu. But out of all heels, i went crazy with one. hehehe~

FAVORITE SHOE*fall in love over and over again*

Look at ’em rosette!!!! in love laa please! and i really hope that those babies go well with baju melayu. Tak kene pun tak pasal laa.. kasut lawa! hahahah! =.= susah susah sangat mau je beli ni…

supergaBEST EVER!!!!!!


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