222 DAYS LEFT!!!

Credits: Google
Credits: Google

Back to reality.. I have tons of things to settle. I’m not sure if i can make it but i havta believe that i can. haha! bought the first ever item for our wedding tray (dulang hantaran),  and next will be booking of our honeymoon! wooots~

Sadly, i won’t be revealing anything in detail. but i don’t think it will hurt if i do share who my vendors are right? hee…

Let the blog roll……. (ok ape ape aje laa nazz. =.=)

Let’s start with my favorite in all wedding things! which is decor! heheheh! i can go crazy just by thinking about decor for my wedding. All the colors, the materials, the expectations…. =.= i think i need to expect less or it’s gonna disappoint me. I first fell so deeply in love with Kasai Sayang, their design and colors are pastely like and it’s so smooth and so *indescribable feeling that i have* it’s so gorgeous. But i’m not fated to engage them as they are fully booked, and i inquired with them a year plus before my wedding date kay.. *hampe gila* but it’s ok, there’s always others.

Next choice was Jss Decor, i missed them by a few weeks as i still uncertain if i wanna engage them or not. The next thing i knew, fully booked. =.=

And out of desperation, i inquired with this lovely lady named Kak Jannah from DaunDco! Why didn’t i consider her in the first place was because, i think her design and flowers were too much. It wasn’t something i was looking for. So before i even agreed to the appointment, i looked further into her designs and said to myself that “you were expecting too much from kasai and that is why you aren’t open to anything else, let go and open up”  so that is when i naturally fell in love with DaunDco’s design and let’s not forget the lovely customer service that Kak Jannah always provide. It’s always a nice feeling when you can message your vendor or the person you deal with via whatsapp or sms and they reply you within that day or minute. 🙂 i feel secured and assured.

Credits: Jannah DaunDco
Credits: Jannah DaunDco

I think the meet up will be this March but i’m bringing it forward to April instead. Gonna get busy choosing the materials, colors and theme for the decor. weeee~ excited to the core laa please!

Up next will be the most expensive out of all. Makan lor.. what else? Food wise is chosen by my mum. She chose Merpati Creations after much food tasting at cousin’s and friends wedding event. Pengantin sendiri belum pernah rasa eh. =.= If mum says yummy, i trust it will be yummy. hee.. I wouldn’t want my guests to say that the rendang meat is tough laa, chewy laa. Cos in order for the guests to enjoy at my wedding, it’s the food! Ambiance sudah tak dapat da, cos tak mampu nak buat kat hotel. =.= tapi yang penting is berkat tetamu yang datang. hee..

Credits: Merpati Creations
Credits: Merpati Creations

Actually i considered Puteri Wedding Services but mum still wants Merpati, so ok laa.. Since she’s helping me with the cost. 😛

I just recalled something! You know what was the first thing i deposited for my wedding? Entertainment! Cos it’s almost fully booked for the year of 2014 and it was only the beginning of 2013! =.= So let’s just say that i have been busy booking / depositing here and there before my engagement and still rolling after engagement. It all started to slow down around end of 2013? Cos most of the things are almost done. So back on track uh, peh jauh sampai engagement… =.= I booked Sri Mahligai for my entertainment!! say WEEEEEEEEEHEEEEE~ No karaoke for me as i don’t wanna listen to humans sengau suara eh. Sorry but i not sorry. I want to enjoy the music plus i want my guest to enjoy it too. Nak karaoke please do it at your own convenience. Me no likey. Entertainment wise, i had no considerations. Book je dulu as it was only a $100 deposit, if i ever changed my mind then burn je laa.. =.= *berbual macam anak raja* 

Credits: Sri Mahligai
Credits: Sri Mahligai

Next will be a little depressing but slightly satisfied and happy at the same time? It’s my bridal and make up for the two days! How and where i got to know this lady and her services. One fine Saturday, we went to Singapore Expo and jalan2 aje with no intentions of depositing at any vendors as we were just gonna get quotations and start comparing at the end of the day. (which we did that before months ago, cos we were excited that we are getting married and all) So while walking, this guy talked to us and as usual, i will be scanning the body language of the person and the dresses that were displayed at their booth. I was skeptical in the first place as i knew that they were unwanted, filthy minded humans there ready to scam innocent and excited humans like us. So, we just sat and listened to what this lady have got to say. She greeted as warmly, and we started conversing. I can’t really recalled what triggered her to say this to us “dek, baik-baik tau sini banyak orang tipu-tipu” and my reply was easy peasy “kakak pun menipu jugak ke?” well, it was rude but i was skeptical about her services as i’ve never heard about her before. Googled her services and there was a few good reviews about SC. The offer she gave was dirt cheap laa please! Ok laa maybe not dirt cheap but it is cheap. hehehe! A few of my BTB said that it was a good deal, which i think so too. On top of that, i love the make up and some of her un-beaded dresses. HAHA!

Even when Ratu Weddings was my first choice but nah~ it was too expensive for me. 😦 *nak nangis please* 

Actually most of the things i wanted and envisioned didn’t made it. Depressed? yes. But it’s ok, ade hikmah dia, yang lain murah sikit and provided me a lot of options plus gave excellent customer service. 🙂 *thumbs up*

Photography and Videography!! The best ever! Cos i am totally in love with their works. Got them and takde nak lengah2 or wait for their promo or whatever eh, terus buat appointment and deposit. hahahah! I am proud to share with you all that we have engaged Diziq Vidz Motion Pictures for our two day event. Abang Imran was very kind and shared a lot of things with us. You know why i wanted them, some of their videos made me teared. They captured the most important event that happens on that day. That was the impact and they take love photos! hahahah! in love love love sampai da tak boleh nak in love lagi. =.=

Credits: Diziq Vidz Motion Pictures
Credits: Diziq Vidz Motion Pictures

As mine is ala-carte for all of my needs on my wedding day, i told fiance that i wanted to go JB for cards and miscellaneous which obviously he will agree to it. (cos i have the best fiance ever!)

It was funny that me and fiance wanted to go a few places to compared on the designs but we actually fell in love with the designs the moment we stepped in Adam Hawa Kreatif‘s shop at Pasar Pandan. Before we went, we had a lot of ideas, but when we were there we came to a very simple yet adorable design. heheeh! And cos we ordered 500 pieces they are giving us free banner to place it at our wedding event. weeeee~

Credits: Adam Hawa Kreatif
Credits: Adam Hawa Kreatif

I ordered stickers there too as it was for the adults wedding favors. 🙂 talking about wedding favors, i just received the kiddos item yesternight! weeee~ excited gila k. and it was so cute that i am keeping two for myself. cos ade two designs mah. =.=

Wedding Ring = PENDING! Not sure when we are going and where we are gonna get it. HAHA! =.= i am eyeing on one lovely ring from JannPaul. I think i’ll go crazy if i am at their shop man. haha!

Credits: JannPaul
Credits: JannPaul

my phone is a mess! lepas kahwin beli phone baru! =.= *sidetrack sikit*

I am pretty sure most girls and BTB’s have heard about this lady and her services, it’s so popular that i can’t resist some of her items. Well it’s a big deal for me as i don’t like flowers, but i am in love with baby’s breath! heheh! talking about Baby’s breath, my wedding will be full of it! HEHEHE! Oh wait! i forgot to mention who is that popular lady, her name is Kak Su from Blushing Bouquet. Apparently i can no longer find her on fb. =.= No worries cos she just contacted me via whatsapp say 2 weeks ago? haha! =.=

From what i understand is that when a bride or groom engages a photo booth service is only when the wedding event is a one day thing. Meaning bride side and then to groom side. So as and when the bride/groom isn’t there and the guest havta rush over somewhere, that is when the photo booth is needed. As for me, i suke buang duit. =.= cos my event is on Saturday whereby le fiance’s will be on Sunday. So we will be there the whole day and the only time that we might miss our guests is when we change our outfits. haha! which usually takes 45 mins? or lesser than that i think uh. Anyways, i think both me and fiance engaged a wonderful and superly awesome vendor, we took Zudyra Creation for our photo booth on Saturday and Sunday! HEHEHEHE! dapat discount ok.

Credits: Zudyra Creations
Credits: Zudyra Creations

Oh! i also took her for my dulang hantaran also. Cos i is lazy laa to do my own and takde tempat nak simpan dulang. hehehe..

I am not sure if a wedding cake is important but i think it is. hahah! Yes, even my wedding cake is from another person. So i am liaising with a lot of people. =.= Pening kan? cos i think i am sometimes. But it’s fine pasal semua bende lain, so tak rabak sangat uh. Wedding cake eh, i didn’t even read any reviews sia! But the response was good. Kalau on the day takde pun takpe, not a big deal for me. hahah! mintak adek beli je kat Swensen’s ke hape laa. =.= But i believe and trust that she will be there on our big day, as me and fiance took her service for our wedding cake. You guys can find her at fb under the name of Wedding Cakes by Salwah Omar. I customized mine and she charged me cheaper than the rest. So that explains eh. hehehe.. :p

Credits: Wedding Cakes by Salwah Omar
Credits: Wedding Cakes by Salwah Omar

Let’s see….. Almost done with this long long post…
And i’m getting tired typing it for two days. =.= but it wasn’t consistent laa.

We have yet to book our flight and villa for our honeymoon. We know where we are going and i am not disclosing it. hehehe.. We’re going to Natas Fair this February 28th – March 2nd 2014 at Singapore Expo. We shall see what they can offer without any hidden cost.

I am very excited to share with you guys who we took for our indoor and outdoor photo shoot! Ni takya panjang2 laa cos i very tired already and work is piling up. haha! It’s the popular Esa Wedding Gallery! BOLEH GILA! Almost gila when we went to their place at Jalan Kebun Teh. Sampai sesat. =.= HAHA! Initially we didn’t even thought about having an outdoor shoot cos we thought it was a waste of money, but then i don’t know what happened, maybe i got brain washed by my colleague. I told fiance about it and we decided to give it a go. Showed him a few other places and he didn’t like it. He showed me one, but that guy only does the photography without any clothings and i find it a hassle. So i talked to one of my friend who is getting married this May and she told me to check Esa out. Actually i knew about them it’s only that i didn’t know why i didn’t even think of inquiring with them about the quotations and such. =.= We are going Desaru for our shoot laaaaaa! excited to the max of the max out of the universe max. =.=

Credits: Esa Wedding Gallery
Credits: Esa Wedding Gallery

Ok ok i am ending this extremely long post soon…..

Marriage Course will be under Kasih Sejati, as i read a lot of good reviews about. Ade sampai nak go again cos of the great experience they had. Booked mine on March. So sabar menanti je laa. HAHA! My friend is going on February, shall see what she has to comment about it. hehehe..

That’s about all for now. HAHAH! Penat type dan malas nak go through for any typo error or grammar error.

Have a great long weekend for those admin staffs and happy holidays!


11 thoughts on “222

    1. amin… insya Allah everything goes smoothly! 🙂 for now ok laa.. not nervous yet just excitements. heheh!

      ouhhh… i shall read that article! thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. I belum go for photoshoot as mine is post wedding. So two days after wed then I go. Why fickle?? Hahah. I can assure you that you won’t regret. A lot of my friends who engaged them loved their service and the photos!

      1. Really? Ive received quotations from them too. And compare with sporean ones. Pros is that theirs will definately be overseas photoshoot and few hundreds cheaper. Cons is that i realise they take lesser edited shots than spore. I dont know now. Urgh! I’m going for pre wed, itu la tgh pecah kepala skg. Shld i shldnt i shld i shldnt i.

      2. Like they offer 4r 30pcs but yg lain offer 40pcs. Like i dont know the diff of pictures i get will be worth it ke tidak. Haha! Thats the only ONE cons. Haha. Yg lain sume pros. Hahahaha. Gara2 ONE cons, fikir maha fikir until now..

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