There’s so many things to be done. So many that at times i kinda lose track of it.

It’s nice to see a few of my friends getting hitch, most are taken (with partners), some engaged and some married. It’s a wonderful feeling. Some are even pregnant!

Here i am stressing on the cost, things that needs to be done (tons of things to be done). Even with the spreadsheet that I have prepared, i feel that there are things amiss. At times, i don’t even what’s amiss. =.= sad but true.

Anyways, the thing about getting married is, it’s exciting as i never imagined that i am getting married. HAHA!

I need to check out on the marriage course but they aren’t updated on their websites which is pretty annoying, i need to get materials for my sireh dara, my dulang hantaran, my curtains for room decor. Settling the payments for the decor and all other stuffs. So many things to do. omg….

I can do this! I can do it with my mum, sisters and fiance around. They are all i need now and forever. OH! and my lovely bridesmaids too! muah muah!


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