Baik Baik Sayang

I am officially engaged to my beloved used to be bf. 😛 since he is now my fiance. 😀

And as usual, my post title is random. I’m actually hooked to the song. hehe..
Its from Wali Band and i just discovered the song. meh~

Anyways, we can no longer spend as and when we like as we need every single cent that we have. I wonder if we could make it as our big day is next year. :s

Insya Allah we can, i trust in him and he’s my motivation, so i can do it one laa. Super singlish eh? hehehe..

I’m not over our engagement day actually, it was so fun! hahah! and i was sucha happy girl. hehehe.. siape laa yang tak happy kan?

I’m praying that things goes well till our wedding day, and i hope that guys and girls out there control themselves and not disturb us. and hopefully me and fiance tak akan tergoda with this setan-setans. Amin.

ok that sum it all as i’m still at work and i’m busy!! k bye.


2 thoughts on “Baik Baik Sayang

  1. Hi dear..congrtas on being a tunang orang.. insyallah kalau dua dua very deeply in love dugaan nya okay..
    im engage for 4 years already
    coming may baru lah nikah.. insyallah..

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