Been a long long time since i blogged. This is like my first post using my S3. Hahah..

I actually read the previous post and it was full of joy. Currently, im full of stress. Hahaha!
Firstly, we went down to HDB to sign the lease. House is confirmed ours. Papers signed. Left the place with the widest smile. Haha!
Secondly, in a few weeks time, we’re getting engaged. Nerve wreaking. Yes. Very. Almost all of the things are settled, food, guests, make up artist, hair accessories, clothings, photographer, decorations. And yes, its just for a mere 4-6 hour event? I must be crazy. =.= well, firstly its my first and the first child in the fam getting engaged. So maybe mum got a little excited. =.=
Thirdly, i mentioned that we are planning to get married on 2015 on the previous post right? Well we shall ignore that cos it’s gonna happen in 2014 instead. So that explain as to why im so stressed right now. =.= hahaha!
Lastly, i cant wait for all of this to be done and over with. =.=

So, yup thats the updates from where i last left this blog to rot.


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