You know, sometimes the best moment comes when you least expects it. But then at the same time you know this is the right. It just feels good and right.

I was strong enough to let go of what i had and leave it all behind to follow my heart. What my heart felt was strong, it was pulling me closer to that particular person.

So who is this guy?

His name is Izzat, he was my ITE classmate. We didn’t talk at all and we never did notice each other during school days. I was with my girlfriends while he was with his group of friends.

Hari Raya 2012, i sent out a mass message to all of my muslim friends, which includes him. He replied with a “Nazz, let’s plan out a raya gathering this year and make it happen”. I was delighted that i told him to do a group chat and we shall discuss this! Which so happen on that day itself that he created the group..

So, that is when everything happens! We started chatting and planning as friends would. Discussing the dates and confirming the attendance. Which leads to a confirmation of 8-9 members who we’ll be meeting on Sept 9th!

We were all excited. It was neutral and that i didn’t think of anything when he started to call me pet names like “b”, “baby”, “sweetheart” etc…

One night, we had an impromptu dinner at Burger King, there was me, Tia and him. We were talking while waiting for Tia at BK. He gave me that breath taking stare, which made me wanna stare at him longer. When we were done with dinner we separated ways, i gave Tia kisses as usual and he wanted too. I gave him a tight hug! And he was really happy with it. He said that it’s been sometime since a girl gave him a big hug! 🙂

So, there it goes, that’s how it started. Soon after, we went for lunch together at 313. We met at F21 which somewhat became our “usual” spot to meet up. He treated me lunch and ice cream! And that is when i asked him where does he work at. I was so touched and i felt bad that he came all the way down from Tai Seng just to have lunch with me. Seriously, i was touched.

Soon after we became closer and claimed me to be his gf to his best buddies.

It was the happiest thing i ever heard.

I’ve never felt this happy before and i’ve never fell in love so easily before. He is just one of a kind, he may just be the one i’ve been looking for.

I fell so hard for him and that i really love him. This feels beautiful. 🙂


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