I am thankful to the life given to me. How shit happened between me and dad years ago and how shit is happening between me and mum now. bahh~

I am thankful that it happened and it made me stronger. I believe that i can find my own happiness. I believe that the dream i’ve always wanted i’ll be able to achieve it someday, that i strongly believe.

I’m forced to face reality be it good or bad. Never blame me if i do appear care less / heartless or basically ignore things that don’t involve me. Cos seriously, i don’t give a shit. Life taught me that. My dad always taught me not to care about people’s issues so long as i’m not involved. If i’m involved in anything in any matter, go right back to the root and amend it. Always amend it in a good way. That’s what dad taught me. Even if the person did stain your name, clear it off and forgive the person. Dad taught me not to trust and believe till it’s proven, otherwise it’s just words to sweeten my heart. Never ever take things to heart.

Dad taught me by experience. Mum taught me by how she got treated. I teach my sister by experience. I’m glad to have a person like my dad. How he opens up my mind. How my mum would play around with my feelings.

I can be very rude. But i’d rather not, i’ve sinned enough. I shall be nice at a certain time shouldn’t I? heh~

Never expect. Never keep hatred. Never ever curse that someone.
It all goes back to you. And it’s usually negative. Sadly but true.

I’m proud to say that i’m a strong girl. My dad and mum taught and showed me how to be this strong.

I do have the moments where i breakdown but it’s usually during my pms period whereby i do get unpredictable mood swings. I’m still trying my best to control that.

My dad taught me to live life positively as negativity brings you nowhere.
“sampai bile nak berdendam, akhirnya membakar diri sendiri”

Negative thoughts kills you, remember. 🙂


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