Make It Up As We Go

The month of December have been really angsty for me. I’ve been cursing and cussing the people who annoys me. especially those annoying, unreasonable humans. Like seriously?

I’m tired of all these nuisance laa. Please laa. But the thing about me, which i’m proud of is that. Yesterday story is yesterdays’. What matters is today. I don’t keep grudges but if you piss the shiet outta me. that’s it. Am blowing!

Work been fun with the awesome colleagues whom i work hand in hand with. At times challenging. But the great thing is, we always go home and start a new day with a smile. No matter if we did get mad with each other. Past is the past, why in the world would we wanna bring it up to the present? Ruin the day for fuck?

Thanks to Nicole, she sayang2 me. It got all better. Handled closing real well. And that’s about it. HAHAHA!

I don’t like working there. I hate it actually. (hoping it gets better)
and oh! on the side note: please learn english if you wanna survive in Singapore will ya?

But i always look forward to work. I always look forward to something in life.

When i say i’m ok. – i am, but i’m too tired.
When i say fine! – that’s it. get ready for blast off!
When i say i don’t know. – i really mean it. i really don’t know.
When i say whatever in an argument. – what i really mean is, really whatever, i let you win.
When i say ah k.. – seriously, i’m not interested.

Simple ain’t it?

Yes means yes, and no means no.

My language. HAHAHA! ok bye.

stupid lame post.


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