Run The Dog

These are my loves. 🙂

Firstly, the title on my posts are random. it’s what i see or hear at the time i’m blogging. 🙂

I’ve been thinking, what i wanted in life. I only need the support. If i can’t get the support from anyone i would go to any extend to get it by myself. That’s how determined i am. But to get that i need motivation from the people around me. Especially the person who means the most to me. Currently, my life is unstable. it’s like the ocean hitting on the rocks aggressively.

People often ask or say why do love hurt and that they’re afraid to fall in love again. I wouldn’t say love hurts, human does.
Love is beautiful. A very good example, when i’m stuck in a situation, a big hell of a situation.. only my parents were there to pick me up. When i go against my mother, she was willing to forgive me and accept me. When i threw all the blame to my dad, he was willing to take the blame and forgive me. When i created problems after the problems, my parents cleaned the shit for me. thing is, see how strong the love my parents gave me? how much they are willing to sacrifice for me? their love for me is indescribable. that’s what i call love.

Love is being able to accept the person as they are.
Love is sacrificing for the person who means a lot to you.
Love is to forgive.
Love is beautiful.
Love doesn’t hurt.

Another example,
when you love the nature, does it hurt you? No.
when you love your pet cat, does it hurt you? No.
when you love doing your sports, does it hurt you? No.
It only hurts when people are ruining the beautiful nature around us. It only hurts when your pet cat dies/sick. It only hurts when you fall or injured yourself.

Liking someone and loving someone is completely different.
“I like being with you cos i love you”
“I love being with you cos i like you”
See the difference?

Once you put someone or something you love. Nothing can ever beat it. Cos when you love, you’re passionate about it. When you believe in the things/person you love, you’ll go to any extend to make it through. That’s what i believe in.

Fight for what’s worth fighting for. That’s what i’ve learnt in life.

So, in what way does love hurts? know what? that’s bullshit.


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